Disabling shift lock

I just got an another thing that let’s me think yba didn’t use custom shift lock. When you join the game it’s not disabled. It’s on. But when you beatdown it says locked by a dev or something.

Nvm I found it, this should help you create your own shift lock.

That’s not really what I wanted. I want the shift lock to be turned off and then on. Not always on.

Like I said it’s not possible unless you create your own shift lock. The reason why it’s not possible is because of exploiters.

It is, we just got to find an answer to how to do it I think.


local CanShiftLock = false
local UserInputService = game:GetService ("UserInputService")

local CurrentCamera

Tab if Input.KeyCode == Enum.Keycodes.LeftShift then
Tab Tab if CanShiftLock == true then
Tab Tab Tab Camera.Type = Enum.CameraType.Follow
Tab Tab Tab Camera.Offset = Vector3.new(0, 0, 1)
Tab Tab end
Tab end

Change the tab to Tab (Because i am writing this on mobile breh) ( local script on starterPlayerScripts

Only the server can disable and enable a player’s shift lock, so you’ll need to use a server script. It doesn’t work locally and if you try to do that, it will throw an error.

The only problem you need to worry about next is turning off the player’s shift lock because they’ll get stuck on it if you disable it.

As op said, the reference game for that similar effect is yba, the shift lock is on, when you equip a stand (another npc capable of fighting) near the left shoulder of the character your camera shifts into “pseudo” shiftlock, I think this is being done by changing the CameraFocus and Subject, and returning to it normal when you want it, I am typing this on mobile, And I’ve never messed with those stuff, So im not eligible to send you code. Hope this helps tho :slightly_smiling_face:

If you have sptw in yba you can beatdown someone with shift lock on. And it will do a weird effect with shift lock. (I dont have sptw so no footage).

Like I said you can use Camera focus and subject to achieve that effect you are looking for.

I don’t think you guys understood what I want to achieve. I want the shift lock to not rotate the character.

When do you want to turn it on and when do you want to turn it off?

When pressed the button y on the keyboard.

And you want to use custom shift lock or the default Roblox shift lock? Because I really don’t know what kind of game are you talking about? Is it Your Bizzarre Adventure?

Yea that’s the game I am talking about.

When does the effect you want to achieve happen in that game?

When you press the y button on your keyboard.