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I’m interested!
My portfolio: [OPEN] Professional Builder (Portfolio) - Avtixe
Discord: Taruko#6672

So 700 rs for a cafe after tax.

No wonder those developers ghosted you.

Theres a plus after 1000, but alright.

If it’s more than a thousand plus state so more clearly. For all we know that could be 1200 before tax.

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I’m interested.
You can see my portfolio here: [COMMS OPEN] arealrobloxian_21's Portfolio [LOW-POLY BUILDER]
You can contact me at arealrobloxian_21#4223

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700 robux for a café is not enough, especially if you want a “professional” builder to do it. I suggest re-think the pricing a bit because you’re not going to get good quality for 700 most likely.

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What kind of things do you want modeled ? Also, what kind of modeling style are you looking for ?

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