Discord Links don't go through post approval when a post has been edited


Recently I wanted to edit an old topic of mine to include a discord server that I had recently created.

I expected that I would have to wait a little bit for my post to be approved by moderation because it includes a discord link.

I was surprised to find that there was no approval needed, it just appeared as normal. (On my end at least). This was probably an oversight, but needs to be addressed nevertheless as it defeats the purpose of pending discord links if it can easily be bypassed. Here is the topic in question:

This should be looked into so there aren’t any bad links in categories that they cannot go in.

Thanks! :grin:


Are you sure you can’t link Discord links in Community Resources? :thinking:

Yes, because this post had to go through approval when I first posted it:


Hm that’s weird, hope it gets fixed.

I wonder if there’s no like detection for older links you might have sent before which might not need verification anymore.

Even if you share the same link several times there is context needed for the advertisement, if you just spam around random topics with your link it should not be approved.

Yeah. I don’t disagree that it should be checked.

And it does have to do with editing not applying this ‘filter’ over it.