Why do some posts require approval, while some don't?

I’ve been wondering, why do some of my post go through approval, and some don’t? Some posts are fast, while others take minutes or even hours. Why though?


Your post would go through aproval if it contains certain words or links (idk which). Approval takes forever to do so it won’t get passed through anytime soon.


You must have a discord server invite I guess? Cause it needs to be approved by a moderator.

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I hardly put links. I never put discord invites either.

I’m not sure why your post needs approval as I can see no bad words or server invites. I’m guessing the word filter must be faulty.

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It has been half an hour. How is my post caught by the filter? My portfolio took hours even though there were no links.
EDIT: It has been an hour. When will my post get approved?

This filter mostly is triggered when sending Discord links. If possible, avoid them so your posts are instantly made public. Since you didn’t add any Discord links, the filter was wrongfully triggered.

Your post will now be sent to the moderators (DevRel and DET) so they review it. Once they approve it, it’ll be publicly made available.

I have seen other members complaining because of the false positives.

Also, the waiting times depend. It’s based on the current workload.


This is likely due to your Trust Level associated with your Devforum account.

Currently, your a Member - anyone who starts viewing Devforum can be a member and so therefore some tighter restrictions are needed. Seeming as to become a Regular you have to display proficiency, maturity and activity its therefore expected that a Regular understands the rules and limitations - therefore they have more lenient restrictions. This isn’t to say Regular’s don’t have restrictions, we most definitely do - but how we get treated may differ.

Seeming as the forum is a vastly active platform with a limited number of staff, it can take a while for acceptance. Please remember that Staff on the forum are mainly doing this as an additional to their normal jobs and as such its unlikely you’ll be approved within minutes unless done firmly by a bot.

You can view all information about levelling up here:


Because I’m a Regular too, I’ve seen cases where other Regulars had to go through DET approval. Being a Regular doesn’t mean you don’t have to get your posts approved in cases like this.

Just to clarify, this type of approval doesn’t have any sense with the (now deprecated) Post Approval.

I’ll try to find that post asap.

Edit: I found the post


I triggered this once by putting too many dots instead of just three…

I think repeating characters get caught to ensure you aren’t spamming, as well as the obvious things like discord links and really offensive words.

I simply deleted my post, pasted it again with fewer repeating characters and it wasn’t an issue.


That’s the reason, I’m not really sure why do your post is waiting for approval, but this is the unique answer I can give

That seems to be outdated from when post approval was still around. Looks like the filter is either broken or some phrase there for some reason was detected and DET needed to review it.

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Amazing news guys! 7 Hours later my post got approved! :rofl:
The thing that caused the filter is still unknown though.

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