Discord Webhook Proxy

Their support server’s verification bot is also not responding to commands, I believe there’s an outage.

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I guess that there’s an outage too I guess, but it still ruined my whole shutdown command sadly.

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Yeah, this service is normally pretty reliable but it picked today to do this lol. I was just about to run ads.

EDIT: Hyra have confirmed their down in their support server.

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Well that sucks. It’s a issue for me since I’m a dev for a game which averages 6 players the hour and without admin it’s a bit hard.


I would just recommend hosting your own proxy service so that you don’t have to rely on others, there are a few made specifically discord.

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Would it be possible to buy it forever, not monthly fees?

Hello, I tried to use your method, but it gave an error

how i used:


WebBook link (not the whole link lol)


HttpsService is enabled

I really have no idea why it doesn’t work

hooks.hyra.io has shutdown recently.

This is not true. Charrrrrrrrrs

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This is another piece of your code on line 55, where you attempt to load something using the HttpService that is on Roblox.com domain.

This is not anything to do with the proxy.

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It has, however, gone paid, which means a lot of users can’t access it anymore, might as well be true for all of those users.

Currently, it is still free. I’m the OP of this thread.

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Honestly, you saved me. Love it, great job.

Are applications centers forbid aswell?

My hooks have stopped working. Are they paid now?

Application centres are permitted.

Ensure users cannot spam submit/the remote on server side to prevent abuse.

I don’t think this works anymore

Edit: It only works with normal message, I tried to send embeds and it didn’t work

It’s definitely working. Your embeds are likely not using the correct structure.

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I will try it again soon, where do you think I can find the correct structure?

Does this violate community guidelines?