Display Old Game Icon when New Game Icon is in moderation queue


I don’t think it’s very appealing for players to click a game that has a loading icon and whenever we want to change our game icon we have to wait for moderation to approve and hope that it gets through with no problems

would be much better if the old Icon is displayed while the new one is in moderation queue until the new game icon is ready to be displayed


I 100% agree with this!

One workaround you can use is by uploading the icon to a random place you have => waiting until it’s loaded then using the same file on the actual place. Doing this, your icon will change instantly! I’ve been using this for so long now.

This was talked about before:


I 100% agree, having this feature implemented will keep people from skimming over your game (in some cases) when the new icon is being improved.


I hate staring at the moderation icon

Just upload the icon to a test place, then again to your main place once it’s been accepted.

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