Distinctive webpage titles for profiles and developer categories

For me, pages on Roblox are fairly slow to load, so being able to get to any page on Roblox while visiting as few pages as possible is greatly beneficial.

When you start to enter something in the URL bar, when suggesting pages that you’ve visited before a string match will be done for two things:

  • The URL of the webpage
  • The title of the webpage

Since almost always one of these will contain an obvious string related to the webpage (e.g. the title of a game as the title of a webpage, or the name of an item as the title of a webpage), this means that it’s almost always possible to visit a previously-viewed webpage very quickly. However, for two things in Roblox, the title is generic and the URL just has an unmemorable ID, namely profiles and development category pages:

This makes navigation by URL bar only possible if I commit the page IDs to memory, which means I have to waste a lot of time going through slowly loading pages.

So, my suggestion is simply that for all the pages in the “Develop” category, whatever text is in this underlined space is used as the webpage title:
And of course, that profiles use their username as a webpage title.