Diving into Generative AI

Hi Creators,

This is Stef aka AndroidYouth, the new Head of Studio Engineering at Roblox. I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself and dig a little deeper into Generative AI. While much of the Studio roadmap for the rest of the year is focused on the quality of our core experience, we also want to introduce new features that have incredible potential.

First, a little bit about myself! I am the founder of Mixamo (serving the indie game community for over a decade) and most recently spearheaded Adobe’s 3D and AR product line. What drew me to Roblox are the incredible experiences creators have published on this platform. Right away I knew I wanted to be a part of this journey which is why I’m so excited to be at Roblox working for and with this amazing community. I’m particularly excited about how Generative AI can unleash the creative potential of this community.

Generative AI has the potential to massively accelerate content creation and let the creators focus on less tedious tasks. We believe that we can harness that force to serve the needs of Roblox experience creators. As announced by our CTO Dan Sturman last week in his blog post, we are working on bringing some Gen AI features in Studio in the near future.

At first, we will be focusing on coding and material variant generation as we believe these two areas are high-value areas to make the creation process faster and more accessible while helping us understand how to operate this efficiently at scale.

We are really looking forward to your feedback. It is very early in the journey so we expect to iterate over time to get things right. We want to build a future with you where the creation process is only limited by your imagination.

In the non-distant future, our intent is to open all of our Gen AI capabilities so that they can be used directly in-experience, to unleash the creativity of everybody on Roblox. Do you want to allow your players to customize their race cars? Maybe create levels using text? This is the power of Generative AI. That is where, once again, you will define these creation experiences and we are here to best serve your imagination.

This community is the lifeblood of Roblox, and every experience every user has had on Roblox is the result of your imagination and hard work. We want to empower you to bring your creativity to life and Generative AI is another tool to get there.

[Update] March 10, 2023

Thank you!


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That’s an interesting update. Does it use HTTPService, prerecorded inputs or… the magic of Roblox CoreScripts? How would this be accessible? Does it generate actual live materials, or just picks from like 1000 ones? Are they PBR made? Could we choose if they are PBR or not? Is it going to be like a plugin? If so, could we inspect the code stored in the Studio files? Anyway, great update. please add this ASAP. Breaking AI is my job nowadays


This will certainly be interesting.
Could imagine that less experienced devs or devs who don’t have a lot of time on their hands can cut some corners now.

I wonder if this is something that will be in studio only or also accessible in real-time / run time.

Would this be similar to how Dall-E and Github Copilot and such function?


Not sure how I feel about this, we’ll see! Looks cool thus far, curious about its limits though.


If this becomes a beta feature, I’m immediately signing up for this.


finding good materials is pain, best utility i see coming out of this is ai materials!
give me ai material beta. NOW!


To clarify: does this mean you are working on a tool to generate Luau source code?


The materials thing seems really helpful, doubt I will use it but still cool


If you got the GPU for it, stable diffusion is an option for now.

I haven’t really used it yet, I usually use photographs (or I draw them myself) and 3D render software to craft my materials.


For turning AI generated images into PBR materials, Materialize (by Bounding Box Software) works great at that.

I use it to turn photographs or hand-drawn / rendered images into seamless textures with roughness, normal, ambient occlusion, etc.


Ah yes, artificial intelligence in Roblox.
I will take pleasure in breaking it

Please add ASAP.


im aware that its possible, but its tedious. I tried getting that software running on my rig like 2 months ago and it either didnt work or it’d output garbage.

i want this level of seamlessness(idk why the video didn’t embed, but im referring to the seamless material creation shown in the video)


That’s an exaggeration, try this:


I’ve heard/seen it a lot yea, I recently tried setting it up myself (thankfully I have knowledge of Python and other languages).
Don’t use it much because it indeed is quite tricky to use.

Makes me curious what Roblox’ implementation will be.
Will Roblox use their own customized version of Stable Diffusion for images? Does that mean they’ll have Python in Roblox Studio too?


Imagine AI generating an “Explosive Noob that explodes when a player touches it”


One of the big concerns about introducing AI into creative services is the use of user-made content as training data without consent, something DeviantArt in particular was forced to swiftly learn from. Will we have to worry about this being an issue?


Hard disagree on that, these are one of the textures it made me, and they tile too!

You just havent managed to use it correctly, try stable-diffusion-webui by automatic1111
So if stable-diffusion can do that, a dedicated roblox pbr material maker AI would be splendid if done right.


Whatever the case, please do not train the AI our places unless we specify them to be trained on


It would be cool if we could make custom textures based on keywords with generative AI.