Diving into Generative AI

AI-generated PBR materials. Wow, that’s an absurdly useful and crazy idea. That’s mainly what I’m excited for I think- most of the time I would like to use PBR, however creating specialized maps for Roblox’s pbr is beyond my skillset, and there’s very, very few PBR material creators on Roblox right now.

As per Roblox’s version of co-pilot, didn’t use copilot, not using ChatGPT to help myself code. Ignoring the fact that I use Rojo, I’d like to know: What is this AI being trained on?

There was (I think it’s still going) a class-action lawsuit over the dataset copilot was used on (literally any github repository, even private ones). The data-set that this AI is trained off of detrimentally effects if I’m going to use it or not. For example:

  • If the AI uses deprecated functions or not
  • If the AI utilizes best practices (not creating unused variables, localizing functions, generic for loops)

Would you be able to eventually generate entire maps/builds with this? I would be concerned over such a feature, especially if it means referencing player-made games like DeviantArt did


Not sure how to feel about this.
I don’t like when companies introduce AI tools that aren’t good, but with a materials only dataset for the material generation, and after experiencing the Davinci-003 language model, I think we’ve entered an era where free AI tools are no longer subpar whatsoever.

That being said, I don’t like stable-diffusion. I don’t like AI art unless the makers of the dataset paid the artists for their art, and also got the artist’s full permission to use it in a dataset.

But materials aren’t drawn, they’re normally photographed from real objects then edited in something like photoshop. Even with that in mind, photographers who upload materials also deserve reimbursement and should give their full consent for their images being used in datasets, in my opinion.

AI art is real controversial, and I haven’t seen much on the other side besides the argument that humans also create art based off inspiration from the other art we’ve seen. My normal counterargument is that, yes we do that, but we also combine our emotions at the moment, our life experiences, who we are/how we identify with the world, and so much more. The AI just mimics our creative process by being told what to do millions of times for millions of different combinations.

I feel like this is more of me just talking about my opinion to no one, though, so what do you guys think?


The idea seems great, but at same time, I think that if it’s to make it public to all, just limit it.

The idea of using AI will help begginer developers, but, if they use mostly AI, they can be considered the developer of the game? Even if they had the idea, it wasn’t really them that made the game.

It seems that this function can somehow “destroy” the fun of learning each thing of how to make games, because most of the people would be lazy to learn if they can just say the AI what they want to make. (I’m not including about map creation)

I think it’s better to limit it, in all the ways that were shown (materials and scripting) because it seems the devs that learnt them for years, they just… got useless because this function.

But, it’s also great to see that it’s possible to ask an AI to do something to you and they really do.


This has a lot of potential!
My main concern is how the AI is going to be trained.
Unless it’s going to be trained with royalty free assets or contributions made by willing volunteers, I don’t think it’s a good idea.

This is a good example of what I mean.
As an artist, I can agree that when an AI is trained with assets that were collected without consent, it can raise some issues.


In my opinion, AI should JUST be limited to materials, recoloring, and scripting to some level. A build should be player made.


Unfortunately, I think this is the way that the entire industry is moving towards, not just Roblox. (Bing recently introduced AI into their search engine, wouldn’t be surprised if more search engines follow suit) Which is a true shame, imo automation reduces innovation. Eventually no one will know how to learn anything without AI.

That said, AI on Roblox is destine to bring one thing: Even more cash grabs. Can’t wait to see AI just being able to create an entire cash grab game and then those games being littered over the front page -_-


I have conflicting views on this.
For one, learning throughout history has been accelerated by us creating tools to help us learn better, which this could be hugely helpful with.
On the other hand, though, I believe everyone on earth has an interest even if they haven’t discovered it, and I believe that’s what they should put effort into actually learning. I’m not interested in learning how to make materials, if I could skip that step and learn about what I’m interested in doing, then that’d be great in my opinion.
A concern I have with this is that people who aren’t actually interested in learning any aspect of game development would use this to make games without caring about them, there’s not too big of an actual issue with this I suppose, but it just seems wrong to me.

This is a good example of what I mean by that. No soul in those games, just people looking to make money with a fast. The difference is, it’d be a not that bad game since AI is reaching a point where it’s actually good at stuff.


Interesting how this just so happened to come out only a few months after ChatGPT blew up.


Very excited to see where this goes. Will be integrating this into my development once the tools are released!


Will this AI studio tool be able to create basic models like buildings for your game?? I might of missed it while reading but I want to know if it is.


Many developers at this point have tools that would make developers 10-20 years ago seem 'useless," but they evolved. We have engines, which now automate things such as rendering and physics. Roblox developers have plugins which greatly increases our ability to build and script.

We shouldn’t ‘limit’ something which is innovative out of fear it’d make something else redundant, which in this case it wont. AI is currently at a point where its good at stuff, but it can’t do everything and relies on training material (Which is again, limited).

I feel like we should all just wait and see what it’s like. There’s a good chance this will be something that aids our workflow rather than completely takes over.


I just really hope it can’t do building. That’s all I want.


This’ll be interesting, from what I can tell you’ll be able to generate materials. I want to know if it’ll actually create it from the prompt or just choose the most relevant from a huge list of materials. Overall, very cool update, hope this goes into beta soon


I think it’s starting out with just materials and coding, but will have more added to it with time. It’d be really cool if it could do this.
They mention “Creating levels from text” so I’d imagine something like that.


I think this update will be more controversial then the Audio Removal Update…


I feel like people will enjoy this one though, especially those with little experience with developing


Definitely. AI and AI “Art” is already very controversial, to put it lightly.


I have mixed feelings about the “preview video” about this update, for me it feels like it takes away the skills to know how to write code if u can instantly get a piece of code by asking AI to do it for you.

It could help when u are stuck at something or when u ask the AI what the best resources/API u can use for a specific task.

My concerns is just that any kid can easily make a game without spending effort into it.

As a scripter i rather see a “build in 3D modeling system (For example Blender)” for modeling/building a game, instead of using a 3rd party software.


AI isn’t really good enough to make a high quality game right now so that wouldn’t really be a concern tbh. Low quality games are already plentiful on Roblox too and AI isn’t going to change that.