Do I risk getting a warning if I make a duplicate tutorial?

So I was about to make a community tutorial and searched for the topic I was making but didn’t find any results. But, there could be a duplicate topic or the topic is not substantial enough.

Do I risk getting a warning if this happens? Or will I just get feedback?

Thank you!

I wouldn’t risk it. Message a PA member and they’ll assist you with that. It still works even when you’re a Regular.

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Wow I was just looking at a topic that you should ask Post Approval if you were unsure of something lol.

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Just post it and see the result.


If you’re sure enough that you’re not making a duplicate of an existing topic/post and if your resource is substantial enough, there’s nothing to worry about.

In the case that there is already and existing topic or your post is not substantial enough, your thread will be archived and deleted later by a forum staff.

If you do get a warning/feedback, it’s just a reminder. We all make mistakes sometimes and making a duplicate or not substantial post won’t get your account banned or suspended.

You won’t risk a warning, it usually just gets archived, locked and unlisted.

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People should learn how to use the search feature to find duplicate topics instead of asking someone else to do it for them. It shows they have a good understanding of how to use devforum features. PA members already have a large workflow and aren’t obligated to respond to these DMs.

Sometimes people can’t find existing topics easily because of bad search optimisation in the past before there were strict guidelines (obscure titles, etc). You won’t get a strike for accidentally posting a duplicate topic once off unless it’s an on-going issue or clear you aren’t using the search feature.


I got a message from one of the PA members and there’s a link here:

But I wanted to add my own things too, so I messaged them about that.

You shouldn’t get a warning. However, your post will either be archived or merged with the original. If you repost it however, it could be seen as moderation evasion and then you might get a strike.

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Sorry for necroing. However, what do you mean by “Feedback”? The feedback about the tutorial or the forum moderation action?

Feedback is another name for forum moderation action that doesn’t result in a strike. They’re essentially the same thing.

Feedback is the message you get after the mods take action, letting you know you’ve been moderated, but only enough to get a warning, not a strike.

Feedback is moderation action.

Quote from the OP:
“Do I risk getting a warning if this happens? Or will I just get feedback?”
What do they mean? What is the difference between “warning” and “feedback” if Feedback is actually a warning?

Like what I mentioned literally in the first reply, feedback is for less extreme moderation and warnings for more extreme cases. Did you read my reply?

Warning = Strike
Feedback = No Strike


Strike One

Upon breaking some of the behavioral-related rules listed below, you will be sent a warning message by a member of the Developer Engagement Team.

Strike Two

Upon continuing to break rules of the Developer Forum after receiving your first strike, you will receive Strike Two, which comes with another warning message and a 5-day suspension from the Developer Forum.

Notice the word “warning.”

Now read this table:

Anything that is moderation but not a strike is called feedback.

This is also off-topic, let’s move this to the dm’s if you want to continue.