Do not lock the #collaboration category until the talent hub is further revised


  1. All of these features you and the talent hub team are going to add will be great EXCEPT age verification. Just because you are 13+ 18+ or whatever does not mean you are trustworthy just like @Abcreator, @GamersInternational, and @Ggblocks20 saying.

  2. We still need mobile support whether it is browser support or a new app for the talent hub or an extension of the Roblox app.

Also, are you delaying the locking of #collaboration for another month?


#collaboration has already been locked.

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I know it is now but it was not when I made the post.

i think it is silly all this age verification stuff tbh


@cosigyn Roblox won’t sell your personal info, but I agree that the verification/account pin rule is really stupid.


Honestly, petition to rename this topic “Do not lock the #collaboration category until the Talent Hub is FIXED

It’s still obnoxiously broken. I’ve made a few replies earlier about my struggles with Talent Hub and it’s just the worst.


I completely agree. The talent hub makes it nearly impossible to properly find a developer at the skill level you need, as the search bar is extremely inaccurate the text filter is absurd. The talent hub as a whole makes it extremely difficult for a first-time developer who has never hired anyone, to find a proper developer with the experience the person who is hiring is looking for. The #collaboration category shouldn’t have been shut down until the talent hub is polished and works similar to the way #collaboration.


Source? I recommend not spreading nonsense and “big bad corp” stories w/o source, it’s not constructive.

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Same thing as it’s current name, further revised means the issues outlined in the topic are fixed, which they aren’t. Staff need to fix these issues, I specifically said to fix them before locking the #collaboration category, but that didn’t happen.

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It’s a joke, I’m just upset over all this. I’m not able to get commissions anymore because of how awful the Talent Hub is.


When will the collaboration category be opened again?

It won’t. It’s scheduled to be deleted by the end of the year.

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So how exactly would I be able to post my availability as a developer?
I was just working on that just to find out that I didn’t have the option to post there…

You’re suppose to use the Talent Hub now

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I know, it’s kind of sad. I really did try and get Roblox staff to fix the issues, but they clearly only looked at one part of the post, and not the more important part.

You can’t. Roblox now expects people to find you through a non-working search feature that has minimal customization options for your profile.

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Not only do I have no place on the devforum to post my Portfolio and Request developers for any of my upcoming projects, I am not added on the new Talent Hub so I have no way of doing this off of the forum. This is highly disappointing as I was looking to hire modelers for hefty prices.

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You can contact @peraldon if you do not have access. Also, if you have no other way to hire modelers for hefty prices, DM-ing me at austtm#3473 is always a good option. I’m a modeler that loves hefty prices. :slight_smile:

You were added on discord and I have contacted @peraldon.

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