Do not lock the #collaboration category until the talent hub is further revised

Still have this topic up for more reasons, because these issues are still present!
Good reasons why the collaboration section shouldn’t lock - Forum Feedback / Forum Features - DevForum | Roblox
this sucks roblox


@peraldon Please consider postponing the locking of #collaboration for another month. I believe this is best because mobile is still not supported for the talent hub where the devforum whether it’s in a web browser or the discourse app is supported. This means when #collaboration is locked people on mobile will not be able to get work to do or post job offers witch will make some developers less or no money.


The delay really needs to be extended; none of the issues in this post have actually been addressed, the chat filter is still a huge problem and the hub is lacking in features compared to the collaboration section


Completely agree. Talent Hub is promising but still severely lacking functionality and as of right now, switching to it would be a notable downgrade.

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Hey all!

Thanks so much for the thoughts - I continue to read every single comment :wink:

We’re seeing sustained growth on Talent Hub usage, and a healthy amount of applicants now being hired as people continue to understand how to operate with the new platform. This is wonderful to see! However I’m also aware there continue to be some pain points around Talent Hub - these are things the team are working to resolve as soon as possible, as we continue to grow Talent Hub.

I thought I’d flag some of the higher priority feedback solutions that we are actively working on:

  1. Images
    All our longer fields support Markdown, which allows image embedding. We made this clearer last week on the pages; I would recommend uploading your images to a free image hosting site and embedding them that way. We are also investigating the best way for users to be able to directly upload media to Talent Hub.

  2. Text filter
    This is the first ever Creator-specific text filter, and right now it’s a touch too restrictive. We are working on something that allows links, off-platform usernames etc so that people can talk business more freely in the application.

  3. Verification
    Age verification is now rolling out, and very soon you will be able to age verify to become verified on Talent Hub. Being Verified will also mean that you can view unverified content, even if you have an Account/Parental PIN.

  4. Longer text fields
    We hear that users want more text in their Creator Pages! We are working on increasing the limit further (it’s already increased somewhat since launch).

  5. Access
    Once age verification has finished rolling out, we will be rolling out Talent Hub to all 13+ Roblox accounts. This will make it a lot more accessible than DevForum Collaboration, and that plus the verification will mean you can find many users, and also be able to trust them.

The fact that we’re shortly resolving a lot of the pain points highlighted, as well as the data we’re seeing about the many users finding teams on Talent Hub tells us that we will not be extending the date for the category archiving. This will only inhibit new thread posts anyway, meaning that people here can continue to edit and link out their existing portfolio for a good while longer.

We have a lot of very exciting features planned for Talent Hub which we haven’t really shared yet (I hear RDC is coming up though…), so thanks for your patience as we continue to iterate and expand this large product. If there are other things you’d love to see on Talent Hub, the team read and respond to all feature requests, so please consider posting there!


Thanks for clarifying those issues. Along with the five issues that you have covered, I have also seen several more issues with the talent hub that should be addressed.

Before I start, I know that engineers don’t read Development Discussion, but this topic ( addresses some more important issues with the Talent Hub and I think engineers should take a look into it and get feedback from it.

I’ve heard many users complain about the fact that the payment options are a dropdown and are limited to USD and Robux, when many developers accept both USD and Robux. It would be nice if the payment option layout was more of a checkmark layout for developers that accept both Robux and USD.

Additionally, unlike portfolios, there is no “comment section” or any way for a user to determine the quality of a user’s work, making it impossible for developers to get a good idea of the user’s reliability.

Also, a vast majority of the community does not approve of the account pin restrictions. Many developers use account pin for security purposes even though its intended for parents, and until new security settings are created, developers will not disable account pin to use the Talent Hub. Since all users will be 13+ anyways, it seems unnecessary for search restrictions to be put into place.

And finally, I don’t know who has the authority to change topic permissions, but I think members should be able to create topics in #feature-requests:talent-hub-features. Some people might disagree with me but considering so many members are complaining about the Talent Hub, and that Talent Hub is going to replace a forum category, they should be able to provide feedback for the Talent Hub. It’s a relatively new section of the platform and I think all users should be able to give feedback on it.

Thank you.


@peraldon Please don’t do this as it would destroy the current verification system. I have said in the past (and will continue to say) that verifying your age does not mean that you are trustworthy and they should not receive any badges that allude to being trustworthy (the Talent Hub verified badge looks like Roblox is saying that the user is a trustworthy individual since the shield represents the protection you get when you hire that person)


@peraldon, I personally believe it should be kept open forever. As people have said, age verification does not mean someone’s trustworthy (plus you will receive backlash from the community for asking for ID just for a verified tick). Talent Hub needs multiple changes such as being mobile friendly, removing all restrictions for users who have account PINs as well as a review system and making stuff such as images easier to upload. I’m expecting to receive no jobs now due to Roblox forcing us onto this new service.


Will you still be able to view unverified content without verifying if your account don’t have a PIN?


So I have to be 18+ to view any unverified content on the Talent Hub, if I have a pin on my account? And verified users are just people over 18?
This is a horrid idea, for multiple reasons:

  1. Just cause someone is over 18, doesn’t make them any more trustworthy. Yea, 18+ can still scam people, sorry to say.
  2. Locking people with a pin to only verified options, except if you’re over 18 is also a terrible idea. The amount of jobs I will be able to get is reduced by 90% because of this…


  1. All of these features you and the talent hub team are going to add will be great EXCEPT age verification. Just because you are 13+ 18+ or whatever does not mean you are trustworthy just like @Abcreator, @GamersInternational, and @Ggblocks20 saying.

  2. We still need mobile support whether it is browser support or a new app for the talent hub or an extension of the Roblox app.

Also, are you delaying the locking of #collaboration for another month?


#collaboration has already been locked.

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I know it is now but it was not when I made the post.

i think it is silly all this age verification stuff tbh


@Inobservatus Roblox won’t sell your personal info, but I agree that the verification/account pin rule is really stupid.


Honestly, petition to rename this topic “Do not lock the #collaboration category until the Talent Hub is FIXED

It’s still obnoxiously broken. I’ve made a few replies earlier about my struggles with Talent Hub and it’s just the worst.


I completely agree. The talent hub makes it nearly impossible to properly find a developer at the skill level you need, as the search bar is extremely inaccurate the text filter is absurd. The talent hub as a whole makes it extremely difficult for a first-time developer who has never hired anyone, to find a proper developer with the experience the person who is hiring is looking for. The #collaboration category shouldn’t have been shut down until the talent hub is polished and works similar to the way #collaboration.


Source? I recommend not spreading nonsense and “big bad corp” stories w/o source, it’s not constructive.

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Same thing as it’s current name, further revised means the issues outlined in the topic are fixed, which they aren’t. Staff need to fix these issues, I specifically said to fix them before locking the #collaboration category, but that didn’t happen.

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It’s a joke, I’m just upset over all this. I’m not able to get commissions anymore because of how awful the Talent Hub is.