Do not present group wall captcha to group owners

As a Roblox developer, it is inconvenient that I have to spend time completing a funcaptcha when I want to respond to feedback on my own group’s wall. I am not going to be spamming my own wall, so the funcaptcha is unnecessary.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would be twice as fast to respond to feedback daily on my own group’s wall.


I second this. When trying to post on my group wall on mobile it takes forever to load the funcaptcha some times even when I’m the group owner.


Better yet, there could be toggles in the rank permissions that allow you to enable the funcaptcha, so not only you can avoid having to do it, but also your co-developers or friends in a certain rank.


I fully support! I would love to have the option to disable the captcha for trusted friends and staff members along with not having to do them myself for my own groups!

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I know it’s sort of a smaller problem, but I still find it annoying. Every time I want to reply to someone on my group’s wall, I have to do this 3-to-5-step verification process of flipping images upright.


I shouldn’t have to verify using this 5-step process just to post on my own group wall.