Document all Roblox API sites on the Developer Hub

API endpoints on the main domain e.g. are either legacy endpoints or meant for internal use. Instead, Roblox provides officially supported endpoints in the form of, but there’s no documentation listing all of these. Most of the time they’ve been found, it’s on accident (noticing them pop up in http requests from the main site) or a staff member posting “Oh did you know we had _____?” on the devforum. It’d be great if the wiki had a list of all of them.

Here are the ones that I know of so far (either posted by staff or pop up in web requests from main site):


Edit: For all of those that currently refer to this post for a list of API subdomains, please use this instead:


What’s concerning is that Roblox sometimes does not use the same endpoint as what is in their API (block and follow for example). It’s not bot friendly either, would be nice if they could fix that as well.

EDIT: By not bot friendly I mean it lacks features like:

  • a good authorization system
  • not having to get a X-CSRF-TOKEN every time I want to send a request
  • endpoints one can use to get and post information rather than scraping data off of a webpage
  • bad documentation on certain endpoints as well as lack of consistency across endpoints. (some endpoints send a 200 with {success: false}, some others send other status codes)
  • a good change log showing major API changes that can stop backwards compatibility

Thanks, this is great!

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Thanks, useful a lot!

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Very useful, so developers don’t have to spend their time on looking for all API’s.


Updated Website of APIS :

Credit : @sanjay2003 for finding these.


You forgot this one:


So I’ve moved this thread to Community Resources for a few reasons.

Firstly, this kind of request is out of scope for the Developer Hub as it is not exactly pertinent to the engine itself. I understand the hub’s main purpose is to be a resource to developers, but these API endpoints are almost always not intended for what most people reading this thread will use them for (read: these were almost always meant for internal use, not developer use). Putting them on there is a sort of promise that they’ll work the way they do for a long while, and we can’t really make that promise, at least, the IX and the devhub team can’t.

Secondly, it’s clear this thread is accessed countless times by people searching for Roblox website API endpoints. I do not want to deny the community its own self-made resource like this, so I’ve moved it to Community Resources since it essentially falls better under that category.


Adding onto the lists above. Some of the following aren’t listed on the consolidated page thingy, like economycreatorstats and engagementpayouts. Sorry about bumping the topic. (offline)


Or you could just head here: ROBLOXAPI

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Looks like Roblox broke this endpoint.


On the Publish API, isn’t this dangerous (can be used maliciously)?

I don’t see any potential abuse of that. The Publish’s audio API’s /v/1audio is for uploading audios, and /v1/audio/verify is for getting the cost to upload, and moderated name. Roblox also likely has a rate limit on those APIs.

(This is @R0bl0x10501050)

I thought /v1/audio was for uploading audio and verify was for approving it. Thanks for clarifying! :sweat_smile:

Hi all, these aren’t something we officially support, so we don’t want to make any commitments around their accuracy and availability. If they’re useful as-is, excellent, but they’re not something we plan to document. Thanks!