Does anyone have any game ideas?

Hello, I hope this is the right category. I really want to make a game or just code something but me being an idiot I don’t have any ideas. If anyone does have any ideas, I’d really appreciate it!
: )

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I don’t know very much ideas, but you could do a showcase?

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It takes time to gather game ideas or something to test your skills on. Just brainstorm ideas and be patient with yourself as when thinking variety of game ideas you will find something you want to do.

I’ll start small first you’ll need to think of what genre you’ll enjoy and play. I would recommend taking a look at this guide - tutorial it has some useful information to get ideas from: it can usually depend on what games you really enjoy. I’ll normally start small maybe a tycoon - obby? Genre ect. Something to test your skills on you don’t want to make a game similar to other ones.

Here is a few threads that were discussed that you may find an idea from. Refer;


Simulators, Obbys, Showcases, fps, tps, sword fighting, and idk what else lol


Thanks everyone who replied to this btw :slight_smile:

I think that this depends mostly on your developer skill level. There are infinite possibilities for games on Roblox and to make them all you need is knowledge. If you feel that you have a very high experience with developing, here are a few ideas that I think would be enjoyable:

  • An open world exploration game.
  • A board game (Eg. Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit)
  • A minigame place
  • A game like eviction notice
    The main thing to consider when coming up with a game idea is, “Does it keep people coming back.” If you think that the game is easy and can finished, such as an Obby (though Obbies can still be enjoyable) then try to think of something else. A Tycoon game will only be fun until it’s finished. Even before that, it can start to get repetitive and cause people to leave. You should also try and include lots of in-game items such as pets, trails, hats, even boosters just so that people can have something to get rewarded with when playing. I think that is all you need to consider before making a game.

Hope this helps you! :smiley:

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