Does my main character look okay?

I based this Sci-Fi character on the marathon main character:

Tell me what you think:


Now that I look at him more I think the helmet should be more round at the bottom.

This looks amazing, good job! :+1:

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put graphics to 10 and show him again

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Thats a nice avatar

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Yeah sorry for the crappy graphics her you go:
JK JK Heres about the best quality image I can show:

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No ambient occlusion or anti aliasing?

he kinda chonky yknow? use like Roblox 2.0

Not aware what either of those words mean :slight_smile:

I’m fine without roblox 2.0, bit too laggy for me.

Correction: not a bit, a lot laggy for me.

I’m liking the halo theme skybox lol, but the model looks nice in my opinion.

lol I actually removed the skybox!!!

I’m thinking of changing his color, what do you think? I like the white but maybe green would look good? Or black/grey?

Then again, I do like the white, but my bad guys are also white and I don’t want to confuse the player.

If that’s the case, then I would highly recommend doing that

Yes, I just am unaware what color scheme to go with. Also, do you think the helmet should be more round at the bottom?

Maybe a little bit more rounded, yes / make it a bit wider? For colour schemes maybe google up like Star Trek Space suits and things to see how they look.

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