Eagles Arc Devlog #1

You can also read this devlog on my blog. Feedback always appreciated!

A few days ago I made this post about my main character:

Well. I’m now doing a devlog. I hope you guys are interested, and I hope I don’t get burned out.

I am making a singleplayer game like unto Halo or Marathon. I may add multiplayer down the road, but for now I’m just focusing on level design of singleplayer. (I looked into remaking Marathon, but it appears that somebody is already doing this, however their last update was a while ago. If anybody wants to make this I would really like to see this. The reason I decided not to is because I think it’s funner to make my own galaxy.)

I got my main character (an “Eagle” in the Uniform Omnipresent Regiment), so I’m gonna need some bad guys. I was thinking maybe a raptor or snake headed guy, and eventually I came up with this mantis dude.

Now I need to create the backstory of this race of alien. Here’s what I came up with: this race is the Foreign Confederacy. They are envious of the humans resources, because they took hundreds of years to develop technology as advanced as the humans. They believe if they can destroy the humans and start a civilization on Earth, they will advance faster. The truth that they don’t know is they can’t advance as fast as humans because humans are better at creating then them. If you think this story is too similar to another game, please tell me and I can change it up.

The first level is on an ashy world.

Your base is set up here and you need to transfer all the computer data to another base before yours gets captured. The Confederacy is already taking action, though. The player will run through tunnels like these
seeing a few aliens here and there before finally coming face to face and having to shoot one down. The level will end with the player jumping in a ship to get to the next outpost.

Now is where you come in!:wink: If you want to record yourself saying military lines like “go go” or “don’t stop” and upload them to Roblox, I can put you in as an extra voice for soldiers. Please upload them yourself because I already have so many sounds to upload and these will just put me over. I will of course give you credit as extras.:grin:

Oh… One last thing. There will be a code word important to the end of the game. And the only way to find out, (besides guessing) is by decrypting my puzzles. Puzzle number one (Easy mode): eYlzMzuQp txeGn eKhQt roFfQ lufLLesu YDI eCVb GlliNw lebHab KCT fo yrOarMbRil ehEt.

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