Does organization affect performance?

When I create things in the studio, I prefer to keep everything well-organized. Currently, I am working on a weapon that has multiple components (such as magazine, slider, grip, etc.), and each of these components is organized within separate models. To maintain clarity, I have placed all the welds for each specific component of the weapon inside folders within their corresponding models.

My concern is whether this level of organization and extensive use of cloning and folders might impact the performance of the game.


Looks like there is 2 main concerns, so let me clear them up to the best of my ability:

I did a quick search and it doesn’t look like the amout of folders impacts lag that much. Unless we are talking Hundreds or Thousands of folders, the amout of lag is unnoticable, and often in coding, if your more organized in general, your good as often your more effective in what its doing. I won’t worry about folders too much. (People agree that it doesn’t cause lag, nor help reduce lag)

Here is some posts talking about Folder Usage

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Now this might be a concern. Your talking about :Clone() ? or using duplicate in via roblox studio? Generally more objects do cause more lag, but it depends how much were talking.

My (personal goal) as a developer when working on projects is to try to keep the instances in workspace below ~75k instances. It really depends what your cloning. And if you have issues with Memory then the amount of Memory your using for the instances is way too much. So it depends, when we talk about clonoing. For the most part though you should be ok. Just make sure your Destroying clones and objects you don’t need if you can to reduce memory :slight_smile:


Yes, I was talking about :Clone() I forgot to mention it. Thank you so much!

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