Dogu15 Rig [Layered]

Please do that! I already am in love with the current one, I am using it for my music-based game with dancing. It works so well!

Thank you for this resource!


Yes yes yes, that would be great.


Love this! Is there a way to use a skinned meshpart and connect certain bones to certain parts of the R15 model (Right Upper Arm, Lower Left Arm). The reason I ask is instead of having to retexture or recreate a whole new humanoid you could make separate clothing accessories that bend with the certain body parts.


This is great! Has anyone “connected” the Lower- and UpperTorsos?


I believe the mesh needs weight paint and bones.


I would suggest that you can make those hands, feet, lower torso parts into one.

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I really love this R15 rig, but there’s one problem. When changing the r15 height, you can eventually see the legs are mode de-attached from the torso, so at a certain point they don’t connect. Is this something you might consider updating? Other than that the rig is really great!


@Dogutsune Great resource! Could you elaborate on the process of shading the character edges like that in Blender or share a guide you’ve followed? I cannot seem to find the method anywhere…

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You can check those:


Maybe it’s because of the weight paint? I used automatic process for this one.

I’m not best with manual yet.


Is it possible that you could do this with a 2.0 or 3.0 rig? I’m trying to make a game with skinned mesh characters.

Roblox will do a S15 rig, which is why I won’t do it.
My rig was made from scratch, so that’s why I decided to go for deformation!

If someone’s better than me in weight paints, I have left a thing in the update :wink:

So how do I make it so that I can put the Dougu15 rig in my game?

Well, if you mean normal models - they are linked at the bottom.

If you mean .fbx thing, Roblox did official post on that.
I can’t help with weight paint though.

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I put the deformation rig in my game Animation Station on my profile.

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When you were making Dogu15, how did you get the bones in the same position as the default R15?

I think I basically had original R15 rig, checked where the bend is and place a vert in the said position.

I used Boolean modifier to make accurate cuts in the model.


I really like the rig, way smoother than my own attempts. :+1:

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Do you have planned to make hands, foots and LowerTorso connections smoother @Dogutsune ?

Like this: