Dogu15 Rig [Layered]


  • Layered clothing support is here!
    I have updated this page and have created a new model.
  • UGC release is to be expected soon.
    If you don’t want a “modesty layer” over your clothes while wearing this or similar rigs, you might want to speak out. Thanks!


About Dogu15


Dogu15 rig is a S15 (skinned R15) rig, which is open sourced. Originally it was created as a normal R15 rig, without any kind of mesh deformation, but was later remade into a S15 rig. It was when it became a huge success. This project was on a small hiatus few times, mostly because of my college and lack of blocky rig materials. Roblox has recently released a R15 reference for blocky rigs which made the new layered version a reality. If you’re still skeptic, go visit the test experience!



Dogu15 rig fixes few flaws the original R15 1.0 had. This can be demonstrated on my player avatar.

  • It’s meant to replicate R6’s smoothness and triangular bevels, which R15 for some reason doesn’t have. This keeps the original Robloxian aesthetic.
  • Because of how R15 UV mapping works, the hands and feet are separate. If I were to connect them, there would be a visible texturing seam. It’s also an aesthetic choice.
  • It fixes UV map problems of the original R15 - no more awkwardly-textured knees or elbows.
  • It uses mesh deformation, as seen in the GIF above.


About usage

This rig is open source. You can use and modify this rig, but there’s few things to account:

  • UGC catalog use should be authorized.
    If you plan to upload an edit of this rig to the UGC catalog, please contact me beforehand.
  • Don’t make money off my model without a permission.
    Don’t sell it for robux, crypto or real currency.
  • Use it accordingly to Roblox’s Terms of Service.
    For example, do not use if for adult content. Please, have some respect to me.
  • Don’t use my model for NFTs or AI machine learning.
    My talent isn’t meant to be copied or used in a morally questionable way.


Known issues

There are two types of issues. Dogu15 issues are on the rig’s part, while Roblox-related issues sadly can’t be fixed by me.

Reported issues
  • None at the moment! Wow!
Roblox-related issues
  • Layered clothing is still a new technology, so there might be body warping, disappearing and clothing deformation.

  • You might be able to see skin-colored lines at some angles. That’s the R15 texturing.

  • Roblox’s “toolnone” (aka tool holding) animation might leave a gap between the lower arm and hand, because hand position is lower in the Y axis. I’m not sure about the other animations.

You can report issues via:



  • Do you take mesh deform commissions?
    I’m a busy person, so nope.
    You can send me a message about mesh deformation and I will probably answer it.
  • How can I support you?
    The test experience has few donation game passes.
    You should check my studio and it’s social links for updates on my work.


Useful resources

FBX files:

Current release

Rig done with Roblox’s standard. It’s worth mentioning those rigs use similar cage to default blocky rig. It’s done for compatibility reasons.
Layered (1.2 MB) - 2014 tris, meant to be used with layered clothing.
Optimized (1.2 MB) - 1006 tris, recommended to be used in games without layered clothing.


Those weren’t done with Roblox’s standard and will be missing a lot of stuff. They won’t be assembled automatically.
Release 2 (369.8 KB) - It fixes gaps issue.
Release 1 (366.9 KB) - The first mesh deformation release.

R15 Torso UV map reference:
R15 Limb UV map reference:

Other resources:

  • Official Roblox modelling files - Developer Hub
    This has helped me with the layered clothing, proper bones and cages for blocky rigs. The rigs might need a lot of tweaking.
  • Creating mesh deforms - Dogu’s Twitter video
    A lot of people asked me about my weighting method.



Really awesome stuff and a very unique resource for the community!

Would you mind open-sourcing the demo place as well (just as a way to forestall questions/troubleshooting if anyone is having difficulties setting it up)?


Alright, that’s a good idea! I will do it soon.

EDIT: It’s open. I replaced the tool, so animation can be seen by everyone.


That’s great thank you! Was going to do this myself to optimize the meshes. Does this mean if I use it in my game people can still wear what they chose on the website?


Really helpful, thank you. :smile:


Depends on how you will handle it. It might have problems with Rthro scaling, like I said.


Hi there, thanks so much for this - I might use it in an FPS I’m working on as it looks like it will make arm joints look smoother!


Wow! You don’t know how much I disliked R15, but animations look much better on R15 than R6. So I was stuck with it. But this gives back the classic R6 vibe with same benefits for R15. Thanks a lot, I will definitely be switching to this.


Thank you so much. Will be interesting to see how people will make animations with these.

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Really nice rig, I hope the community uses this well! :smiley:

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Really interesting concept. Our community (SCP Clan) has really ground hard against R15 on our games. We’ve favoured it for animation and future expansion reasons. I’ll definitely investigate this and credit you if we do end up implementing it / a similar idea :slight_smile:


Definitely a unique, yet very helpful and interesting resource for the community! I’ll be sure to try this out in my games. Thanks!


You never knew you wanted this but now you need it.


Update, everyone! Now we get to have a neato deformation!


I was waiting for someone to provide a resource like this. You’ll have my credit no doubt in my project. Thank you for your wonderful contribution to the community!

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This is pretty legendary! I’d love to see future patches result in a unified torso mesh.


@Dogutsune Can’t wait to see this on games!

Also, can you please uncopylock the test game?


Random question, but would it be possible to get an .fbx of the mesh deform rig? So that people can use blender with it?


I might publish an .fbx, but I will have to warn you - the “rig” looks silly.
Arms and legs have symmetrical bones, that’s why there’s only one leg and arm.
Torso, feet and hands are missing - because they were from first version.

I might make a fullbody deformation rig, but no promises.


Awesome!, If it see’s the light of day would be amazing!