Doing Builds For Scripting Jobs

Hi! I’m flarezhu. As stated in my previous post, I am looking for an advanced scripter. However, I realized the percentages are not necessarily the best payment to offer a scripter. Therefore, I am changing my payment method.
As I am short on group funds right now, I am willing to do builds for you in exchange for scripting jobs. In addition, I am also willing to pay 50-100 R$ along with it. I build low-poly cartoonish style. I can guarantee satisfaction, as I will adjust the build to your liking and show you constant progress.
Currently, things that I need are:
Advanced Sword With Knockbacks (The sword has to have a bigger hitbox and shouldn’t just use the touched event, kind of like the knives in murder mystery 2)
Trade System
Skins Equipping GUI

I would prefer if you have some examples if your work on hand. You should also be active.
You can view my portfolio here:

As I am not on my computer right now, I would prefer if you reply to this post. However, my discord is flarezhu21#1532. (I will not be able to get to you until tomorrow if you choose discord.) Either way, I’ll be using discord for contact.
Thanks for reading!

By Movement Ability System you mean… ?

Is this like where you use a tool and you become fast and can jump high?

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Kind of yeah. Basically when a player gets it, it doesn’t become a tool in the players inventory. Instead, a gui pops up that shows the player the ability that they have and the stamina bar for it.

Does the stamina bar slowly decrease over time?

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No, it depletes when the player uses the ability and slowly regains afterwards.

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Are you interested? If you are, DM me through DevForum.

The sword and guis will be provided for you if you decide to choose either of those tasks.

I’ve just realized that I also need a Team Clothing and accessory customization system scripted. DM me through DevForum if you are interested!

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