Don't auto upload, auto publish, or auto associate meshes to a universe on import

As a Roblox Developer, it is currently too hard to maintain my sanity when uploading meshes to Studio. See, often times it takes way too many attempts, iterations, or retries. To get a mesh just right. Usually this means you are re-uploading the same mesh over and over again. Having these throwaway meshes get uploaded to Roblox and associated with an account is pretty tough. It messes up the workflow and means that once a mesh has been removed from a game finding it again without re-uploading is near to impossible. This means the average 3D modeler/builder cannot be organized.

There isn’t an easy way to delete these meshes without it taking hours. On top of the fact that there isn’t currently any way to delete the meshes.

If studio only kept the meshes locally, and uploaded them only when the game was published. This would be a better way to circumvent all the clutter.

If there was better tools to batch delete meshes, it would help a lot in searching for a specific mesh that I may have already uploaded.

If we could update a previously uploaded mesh instead of making a new mesh this would also help with the clutter and enable versioning in case we’d like to rollback.


Huge support for this, especially the ability to update a mesh. Also if it was implemented in a similiar way to how packages work, I would love to be able to update a mesh in game explorer and have it replace all of that mesh in the game with the new version without changing size, position, or any other attribute.

Or if just changing the MeshId of a meshpart would keep the same size that would be extremely useful.

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As far as changing the meshid and maintaining the same size goes. I’d say there’s more times you wouldn’t want that to happen than times that you would. Also as long as you import at scale, it should go to your desired size anyways. Not that getting it to scale is easy. Usually I just export something similar from Roblox and import it into Blender which helps me maintain the scale. Other than that, nice features :smiley:

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To add on to this, a reimport button in the game panel where it shows all your meshes would be nice. Even better if upon reimport it updated the already uploaded mesh as a new version instead of making a new one.