DON'T cache :GetRoleInGroup() & :GetRankInGroup() on the server

It’s impossible to detect change of ranks in group real-time in-game without having to use GetGroupsAsync, which calls longer and having to loop through tables.

Apparently :GetRoleInGroup() & :GetRankInGroup() do not cache on the client;
but say in the player list (leaderstats) where you show the group rank, you’d have to fire over the non-cached call on an interval to check if group has changed from client -> server.

The client is awful and never should be trusted.
Can we have something like :GetRoleInGroupAsync() etc?


GroupService doesn’t cache. I would consider the methods mentioned here as legacy functions, but that’s just my opinion.

Anyway, I don’t think it’s worth putting more work into these when we already have a fairly simple way to obtain this data without caching. If anything, these should just be deprecated.


GetGroupsAsync is far more intensive than IsInGroup, or GetRankInGroup

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If it’s that much more intensive, then I think a better request would be new methods under GroupService. Having these group functions as part of Player is odd these days, and only made sense back then.

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I’m not too familiar with bloating API’s and what is the most efficient in this case but I am not against giving suggestions to help.

Perhaps a second argument to these functions would help?

:GetRoleInGroup(groupID, Cache)
:GetRankInGroup(groupID, Cache)

This would give developers more control over what caches and what doesn’t. An example would follow like this…


local PlayerService = game:GetService("Players")
   Player:GetRankInGroup(1010101, false) -- Doesn't Cache!

But if what @Extuls says is true (considering I haven’t tested it) and the yielding functions do not cache then my suggestion is obsolete. I do agree with @Extuls about integrating new methods in GroupService.