Don't open the ROBLOX game window until the game is not full

I just tried to join a full server to be greeted by this:

This makes it way harder to take part in the game. Previously I would pend in for a particular instance and whenever I got in the ROBLOX window would open letting me know I had gotten in. Now I have to keep the ROBLOX window on my second monitor so I can see when I get in, and I can’t even do anything except constantly pull up and check the window on my laptop which doesn’t have a secondary monitor.

Please do not open the ROBLOX window until you actually get into the server.


Is this, or is it not, a preventative measure for the ‘site lockout’ the old method caused, where attempting to join a game would lock you out from using the site until you canceled it or managed to get in?

Or maybe make the logo in the system tray flash when the game is loaded?


We can’t do it in all cases unless we implement a separate loading progress window in the client. (i.e. it’s not as simple as not showing the window)

Alright, that’s fine, but there does need to be a way to tell when you’ve gotten into the server. What buildthomas suggested might go unnoticed, so either in addition to or in place of that, it’d be great if the window was force-focused as soon as you got into the server. That’d be plenty to grab my attention and let me know as soon as I got into the server.

Yeah, focusing or flashing until you focus seems like a great idea.


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