DontCapTheHat/Chrisofdoom’s Free Animation And Proofreading/Grammar Correction Services (One Service Open)

My name is Chrisofdoom, but I’m testing out a new name (Which Is DontCapTheHat). I’m going to relaunch my profolio to include more animations and stuff, as well as to make new friends, and to offer proofreading and grammar correction services! Exciting, no? My animation services will open soon, while my proofreading/grammar correction services are available now.

Animation (Coming Soon)
I’ve been animating on Roblox Studio since 2018, although I took a very long break from it. I’m going to start animating again so that I can include more for my profolio. But for now, here’s some of my personal work from the pre-pandemic days:

A dance I made. It’s some clock emote more than a dance move.

Have you ever saw a thing in the sky and pointed to it? This emote represents just that! (Click to view, video coming soon)

Proofreading And Grammar Correction (Available Now)
I also offer Proofreading and grammar correction services. I’ve been correcting some grammar in my personal life for a while, but I could use some more experience. I can do things like removing inappropriate apostrophes (Ex: Thi’s → This), sentence correction (Ex: You can have product in You car! → You can have this product in your car!), and other, basic grammar correction. As for proofreading, I’ll make sure that there are no spelling/grammar mistakes present in your text.

I’m currently on summer vacation, so I can do work at any given time from 9AM CST-7PM CST.

I’m taking commissions for both services for FREE right now, so that I can gain more experience working with you all! You can order a grammar/proofreading commission from me right now, and my animation services will be available soon. However, I’m taking pre-bookings for my animation services right now! You can reserve your spot in the animation queue now, so when I launch that service, I’ll be able to do your order! Please Note: By Pre-Booking me for a animation commission, you understand that I may not be able to do your order until I open that service.

You can contact me using these methods:
DevFourm: Private Message (I check the DevFourm very often)
Twitter: @chrisofdoom3 via private message
Discord: chrisofdoomDiscord#0474 via private message

Thanks for reading!


I recommend you make the example animations into GIFs. Can’t view them.


I will do that when I can.

Updated this with gifs of my animations.

Hey people, I’m reopening my animation services soon, and I’m also offering Proofreading/Grammar correction services for FREE right now! DM me if you want to take advantage of my services.

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Hi, your Discord User doesn’t seem to work, add me on discord, iamsoarte#2312 (I’m interested and I’m willing to pay you)