DoSing/DDoSing becoming a problem yet again

This is an issue that has yet to have been solved, and there has been no public response from the engineers.

My small community is currently being targeted by one single person who can shut down a server effortlessly using a botnet.


P.S. Guess who’s not paying up!

Is there any way to mitigate these attacks which does not affect normal players?

Devrel, help me out :sweat_smile:

(and i know this isnt an issue w/ my game. i asked them to boot a baseplate offline, and they did.)


Don’t pay them. They can’t do this forever.

If you can find their Roblox account, you could report them, but there is nothing else you can do. Developers aren’t able to really stop these sorts of attacks from happening.


I am able to blackmail their friends severely but I am really not looking to go down that route :sweat_smile: and i am of course not paying them.


I guess it’s not possible to mitigate this type of attacks without making any checks for players like captcha once you join. Only roblox engineers able to resolve that.

If I’m right. Rogue Lineage resolved that making lobby place that redirected you to the game server. You couldn’t join directly to the game server.


Also you can switch game to the group members only, since it’s not easy to bypass funcaptcha to join group


Potentially an account age check? I’m assuming they’re botting the game to make it lag so you should run a quick account age check and kick the player if their account is less than like 2 months old.

You could also try making the server sizes smaller but I’m not sure how much that would help.

That’s all I can really think of though :confused:

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That’s good idea, but I guess age check won’t be enough, because there is a lot of accounts with 1+ year age

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The big issue is they can get the ip and flood the IP ITSELF with the bots from their botnet. :grimacing:

so the way they ddos is from sending a ton of bots in your game? what game even is it?
one way i thought of is the bots probably all have bacon hair/new player items. anytime a player joins with any of those items, crash their game or kick them.
and ddosing is a literal crime, so you have that statement :wink:

If they are spamming game server IP not sending bots then you can’t do anything.

Do you know that Velix’s cookies could generate totally random bots that’s verified?

cool? why did u reply to me???

I was saying that cookie bots could look like real players

but why would they have robux? even if they are verified you could still possibly use the kick from accessory thing i said, also for the OP why dont you look this up on google, youll find a ton of posts: anti ddos roblox game - Google Search
here is also a good post: Is it possible to make an anti-DDoS? - #3 by The_PieDude

Okay, what I said before was a bit negative.
I suggest you to ask for proof of him ddosing so you’ll believe in his powers and pay him, and once you got it, download it and you got solid proof.
With this proof you can either contact discord help or smth.
You’ve made a huge mistake.
When he asked, you should have just not replied at all, pretend to be a dead account, even delete the account.

They don’t have robux, but they have random avatar items and names, some are made months ago as well. They are all verified.

NO. whatever you do, DO NOT pay him

“Please never pay someone to stop abuse. Paying someone gives them a reason to try to do it again. You have ways of fighting back. Roblox has a team of staff dedicated to reviewing abuse reports, and Bitcoin has a database for abuse reports (look up Bitcoin Abuse, easy to find).
I can not stress enough how important it is to get authorities on the matter involved. Financial threats are a serious matter.”
quote from this post: Is it possible to make an anti-DDoS? - #3 by The_PieDude


Man is not reading.
Second topic said “Tell him you’ll pay him if he send proof”.
But not actually paying.
Stop being so high

No, they can’t. Regardless, no one’s willing to spend that much time & computing power on shutting down a small Roblox community temporarily.

You have no guarantee whether this will work. They could demand more after you pay them as there are no rules that protect transactions like these.

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Yup, that was an option, that’s for telling us that it might not work, but I bet OG knew.

Vengeance and wrath is something that happens everyday, so if you enraged an exploiter he might just spent his time enjoying seeing you in pain, that’s why, I don’t suggest you to say things like “no lol”, but you should act like: “I’m sorry, look, I know it’s difficult to make money, and I just can’t give you any, I have barely, if you take that away I can’t even release ,so there’s no point after that. Sorry!”

Ik you did nothing wrong, but would you rather get crashed or stay fine?