Dot reticle no longer appears in a live game for gamepad users

The dot reticle doesn’t appear anymore in a live game. This is annoying because it makes interacting with SurfaceGuis harder and aiming tools as well.

In Studio, It works as expected. The dot appears when I use the control stick on my gamepad:

Once published online and tested on a live server, however, the dot never appears.
You could tell that when I’m using my gamepad because my cursor disappears.

I’m running a Windows build of the game. The latest one as of writing this post.


has something to do with input types, if you are using a gamepad it won’t show the mouse

But it should, and it used to. It’s an issue right now because it makes interacting with SurfaceGuis very difficult.


Hey guys, so sorry we missed this. We’re aware of the issue. The engineers will update you here as soon as they can.