Double the image upload size (Maybe for a cost?)

1024 doesn’t let me put up a 1920x1080 picture for the loading screen of a game. I have to cut it into 4 pieces so I can get the full resolution. There are other odd scenarios like texture mapping on massive meshes (think a place that’s centered around a tree that’s 300 studs tall or a piece of terrain that is the entirely of the map that uses mapping as well)

I’d be willing to pay $50R or something just for these larger decals.


For the purpose of splash screens I 110% would use this.


I support this for sure.


Super support


Support, this would be very useful!


I’m all for this. Can this be a thing?

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Support, only if no cost.

Yeah… Not sure what the arbitrary cost suggestion is for. The only reason longer audio costs more is that it takes longer to moderate, but that really isn’t the case with larger images.


It will mean longer loading times though, so it can’t be played around with for no reason.

If some dev that’s just starting out decides to upload a bunch of 4k images instead of standard 1080p because he can then that’s not going to go down well.

Large mesh files (which are free to upload mind you) and unions can and alreay do cause the same effect. Also, file size is irrelevant because as someone else mentioned, the size limit is already bypassed by using multiple assets. Developers are responsible for keeping asset size reasonable – not ROBLOX, and adding arbitrary restrictions to try to enforce that is silly.


Bumping this because “text too small and illegible” is becoming all too common an issue for people uploading normal images. Allowing us to upload larger images would allow smaller text that we use in games to be legible for the moderators.


Definitely support this, as long as there would be no cost for it.

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I suggested this and the idea was added to a poll back last year, and @zeuxcg said that it’s not really needed, I can’t remember exactly what he said.

The issue is that 2k images are massive in memory right now. Each one is 21 MB. We are working on a mechanism to deliver per-platform-compressed images; when that’s deployed this would become feasible. Right now this will be really bad memory-wise - experience has taught us that the use of this will not be limited to 1-2 splash screens per game…


Is the mechanism a 2018 or a 2019 sort of thing?