Download .csv file for Group Sales

Currently, there is no native way to see the full revenue of an entire group’s earnings in what has been individually sold. We get a full summary for Sale of Goods but not what those individuals goods were or what category they are in. (Game revenue, clothing sold)

This becomes a challenge when managing the financials of a group or studio when you have multiple sources of revenue. Unless you’ve set up a bot to track all of the individual sales and pipeline them into a spreadsheet database where it is sorting it by Category and Name, it becomes tedium to search through the pages on the Revenue Sales page.

We are already able to download .csv files for statistics in Roblox games. However we are unable to download a .csv for how much Roblox clothing (shirts, pants, t-shirts) has sold for in the same group.

Currently, we need to download the monthly .csv from Developer Stats and compare it to the Revenue Summary and sorting it by Month.

If Roblox were to create a feature where we can download a Monthly and Yearly Revenue in a .csv file, it would greatly help Developers and Clothing Makers determine what their best sellers are and what is popular. It would also assist those managing a Roblox group that has several sources of revenue to better get an understanding of where the money is coming from. (Several games, several articles of clothing)



I made a quick post on how to do a sales mix as I do believe it’s important as well. Developer Stats: Add Sales Mix

However, the new group design doesn’t allow for it to be very efficient, so I have no choice but to say it’s no longer worth it. And I am not interested in hooking up my own statistics as that is not what interests me.