Download Previous Place Versions

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to properly revert an update. At the moment, the place version page looks like this:
The main problem with this page is the fact that I can’t verify that the version I’m reverting to is the actual one I’m looking for. There’s no way to review a version–you just have to pick one and publish it, hoping that it’s not the wrong one.

To remedy this, I would recommend adding another button:
The ability to download and locally open a past iteration of my game would be hugely helpful in the following cases:

  • Reverting an update that didn’t work out
  • Browsing through an old version for nostalgia

You can do this manually if you disable roblox+

But yea it would be more convenient to have a button.


Another great addition would be being able to bookmark place versions.


We should need a log, that the game owner can write on, so we know what updates our versions has.


Yea this absolutely makes sense for us to provide this for you guys. No promises, but we have talked about this in the past.


While we’ve got you.

An interesting point came up on this older thread on the Version History Page

  • TimeZones - Adjusting this to local time or, even simpiler, putting in the current time would make this feature so much more usable

Yeah, absolutely. That is mildly hilarious we don’t tell you what timezone that is from. I’ll see if we can sneak this change in when we take a look at this page.


This is really useful actually, you can download the place and check it out if its the right one, if not you can delete it from your downloads, but if it is the right file you want to revert to, you finally know which file out of possibly many versions is the one that you want to revert to.

Full support!



Any word on this feature?


I’m trying to find a way to download a previous version of a project of mine right now and can’t find anyway to do so easily.

I can save the current version I have to a file, revert to an old version, save that to a file, and then revert back to the most recent version. That all is a headache.

Bumping as I believe this feature request needs to be a thing. If anyone has a better way to download a previous place version, please let me know.


6 years later…

This is a much needed feature. I agree that it is a pain trying to publish old versions to find the right one.


That API gives the sought after functionality. Regardless, this needs a UI because the api is there, just not the UI


I think it’s possible for us to make a UI for everyone to use (without the need of a cookie) once Roblox’s OAuth is no longer in beta and released to the public.

I have an extension from the Chrome Store on Microsoft Edge that enables downloading previous versions of places and it has been a lifesaver for two major projects I’ve worked on when needing to reference an old version of a place during critical bugs we faced. This should be available natively on the platform without the need of an extension.

FWIW: Roblox also allows you to open previous place versions directly in Studio from the version history panel. They at least have it right in Studio.

This is an actual good use of the cloud, not the forced Team Create that’s about to drop.

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I believe you are talking about BTRoblox, which can make versions look like this:

However, the problem is that we are unable to bulk-download places and since the develop page will be removed soon, we will be unable to use this extension to download places.

Additionally, it will put that place data that Roblox stores anyway to good use.

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This is a very much needed feature. The only way I was able to download places was through the BTRoblox plugin but that seems to be broken now.

Ever since that stopped working, I’ve just been going into studio game settings and opening places right in studio from the version history section.


This really just makes me want to see a Git tree-like feature for tracking changes across your project per place version. This way you wouldn’t need to bulk download places to track down a specific version since we have no control over version naming (which I wish we did, I would love to see Semantic Versioning for this that the developer is in control over, maybe even tagging versions like how GitHub Releases works).

Honestly, place version history and versioning in general just needs to be overhauled. This linear version-history, no simple way to glance at version changes, no tagging, etc. makes looking through versions just very unforgiving and generally just a pain.


oh wow, didn’t know about this, thanks

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