Draft window loses its position every time Team Create is disabled

Reproduction Steps

1) Enable Team Create
2) Open Draft Window. The first time, the window will always open next to the script editor:

3) Dock the Draft window to another place:

4) As long as Team Create is active, Studio will not lose out on the new layout.

Expected Behavior

The layout of the Draft window cannot be lost, regardless of enabling or disabling Team Create.

Actual Behavior

After disabling Team Create, and in a new Studio session re-enabling Team Create, the Draft window will lose its previous layout, and it will return to its original position (next to the Script Editor).


I have to manually redo the previous Draft window layout every time I re-enable Team Create.

Issue Area: Studio
Issue Type: Display
Impact: Moderate
Frequency: Constantly


Can confirm this still happens. Incredibly annoying, hope a fix is found soon.

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Thank you for reporting! We are working on a fix for it :crossed_fingers:


It’s really annoying having to keep changing the position of the Draft Window every time.
When will this be fixed?

Curious if there is an update on this, I can imagine the code-freeze during December slowed down any progress on all bug-fixes - and two weeks after Janurary may not be enough time for drastic development; however, I’m still experiencing this issue and curious as to whether or not a fix may even be in the works.

My behaviors I explained in another location and the OP kindly referred me to this thread:

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