Drag-to-select selecting attachments inside parts in ServerStorage

I was trying to group some parts together the other day and I was getting an error that told me I couldn’t do it and I couldn’t figure out why. Well today I finally noticed something and found the problem.

The issue is that when you click and hold and then drag your mouse to select multiple parts it will also select attachments inside ServerStorage. Which should not be happening. It should only be selecting parts inside Workspace.

Here’s a super simple repro:

  1. Open up a new baseplate.
  2. Right-click and insert a part and pace it on the baseplate.
  3. Right-click the part and insert an attachment into the part.
  4. Now duplicate that part and move the duplicate into ServerStorage
  5. Now if you click and hold the left-mouse button and drag your mouse to select the part and it’s child attachment that are in the Workspace you’ll notice that it will also select the attachment inside the part that’s inside ServerStorage.
  6. Now if you try grouping what looks like just stuff in workspace it’ll throw an error because it’s also got an attachment in ServerStorage selected.

I don’t know how long this bug has been occurring, since it requires somewhat specific circumstances to cause it, but I only discovered it in the past couple of days. As far as I’m aware this happens 100% of the time.

Current Studio Version: 0.364.1.263282


This also happens to me, but with attachments in Workspace as well. I had to write my own code in the command bar to simulate grouping objects together because I couldn’t get it to work.

Very annoying bug.

This has been a bug for a while.

It only happens if you have Show Details enabled.

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