Drunk Bubble Effect

Hey there Developers,

I have a question relating to tools, if you’re able to use animations for Drinks, hows it possible to re-create an effect like on tap? Where it’s a bubble effect for the drinking. I’ll show an example.

In the example it shows me drinking while the bubble effect is going. what’s the best way to replicate this? in the chances without having high effects causing server-sided lag or client-sided.

This is one of the things I’ve been trying to figure out.

Check out this post, it may be able to help:

I apprecicate it, but I’m talking about the bubble effect on my Player.

Oh whoops, sorry about that, you could probably use a particle emitter parented to the head

Interesting, I’ll take a look at it

For more specification on what I mean, whenever the character is added, you can add a new particle emitter, or clone a pre-existing one from replicated storage, onto the Character’s head. In order to make it only used at specific time, you can just toggle the enabled property. You would also want to mess around with the physics properties in it in order to get the bubbles moving in the right directions.

Thanks for it, I’ll look into it further