Dwarves VS Zombies Prestige Update patch notes

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These are the patchnotes for version 1.4 of Dwarves VS Zombies.


A new currency that can be earned by doing just about anything in the game. Players can compete to be on the Prestige leaderboard to show off their skill and dedication! Prestige can also be spent to buy perks:


Perks can be purchased at the Shrine. There are currently 20+ perks all with different effects! I’ll explain what are in my opinion the two most interesting ones:


The General is a subrole for guard, which can be unlocked with a perk.
The General has the ability to inspire other Dwarves with his trumpet! The inspiration helps the dwarves fight better, dealing more damage.


The Battlepriest is a subrole for guard, which can be unlocked with a perk.
The BattlePriest gets paid for both healing and harming; he recieves the Guard wage for each zombie he kills!
The BattlePriest also has the ability to shoot chain lightning from his scepter, which bounces between Zombies that come into his path:

Moderation System
Anyone with the helper role can now use “/kickplayer” to kick a player. Any player who is kicked three times will recieve a temporary ban from the game. For those of you with this power, please only use it to kick exploiters. DO NOT ABUSE THIS POWER, or it will be taken away and you may be banned yourself. Thanks for keeping the game free of exploiters :slight_smile: