Dwarves VS Zombies Automation Update Patchnotes

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These are the patchnotes for These are the patchnotes for version 1.3 of Dwarves VS Zombies.


Voice activated robots that can mine, farm and chop wood for you! They are produced at the Robotics building, a new role building for Craftsdwarf.


New role: Teacher

Teachers earn Gold by helping new players learn the game. You are given a tool which can be used on new players to make them your student. Every time your student completes a quest, you will earn a 1000 Gold reward! Help them learn to play, complete more quests, and this can be a very profitable new role.
New Zombie boss: TITAN!
The Titan is the first (of many?) boss zombies, which spawns every 6 days. The Titan is controlled by a player Zombie, and is a serious threat if not defeated!

New Zombie type: Cavalry

The Cavalry is a powerful, slime riding zombie type with the ability to Jump over walls and buildings! He is also armed with a crossbow, allowing him to snipe Dwarves at range.
New Zombie type: Summoner

The summoner is perhaps one of the most powerful Zombie types yet, with the ability to create portals that other player Zombies can spawn at! These portals can be destroyed with punches by the Dwarves, but if left unchecked they will become a serious threat!

The portal

Miscellanious Changes:
Rebalanced Zombie types and costs
Removed Guard speed and jump height upgrades due to them being overpowered
New Main menu screen and inventory UI