Dwarves VS Zombies - Role building Update

Previous patchnotes

These are the patchnotes for These are the patchnotes for version 1.2 of Dwarves VS Zombies.

Role Buildings:
Each role now has a unique building that can only be built by that role. These buildings offer new ways to hold off the Zombies, earn Gold and more!


The Barracks spawns NPC guards which will fight for you! You earn the Guard wage every time one of your guards kills a Zombie or Bandit. The Barracks can be built by the Guard.


Fighting some Zombies
A big fight!


The safezone is a field which prevents Zombies from entering and heals anyone inside it! You will earn the priest wage every time your safezone heals someone. The safezone can be built by the Priest.

Keeping the Zombies out…


The Mansion is a powerful building that allows the Aristocrat to collect taxes from nearby players. Be careful though, as this Gold can be stolen back from the Chest on the upper floor of the mansion! People will probably hate you for building a Mansion, but it’s a great way to make Gold!

The Gold chest

View from the balcony
Craft Store

The Craft Store allows Craftsdwarfs to sell items that are normally made at the workshop for Gold! This can be a great way to make money, as well as supply the other Dwarves with bombs, guns and other equipment!

The store interior


The Market is a simple but powerful building that allows the Merchant to buy unlimited resources, albeit at a much higher price! This is a great building if you need to build something quickly, and there are no resources available elsewhere.

Misc changes: (includes changes made over the last 2 weeks)

Added an Obby for Zombies to play while waiting for nightfall.
Removed the “In Orbit” event due to it being completely obnoxious
Wizard nerfs from previous update reverted
Daily bonus: Talk to the NPC by the peasant spawns for free gold, resources, brains and other goodies once per day!
Weapons now have a 1 second delay when equipped, in order to prevent an exploit where weapons could be quickly switched using a macro to deal stupid amounts of damage
Major map changes to improve performance on mobile
Increased resource gather rates
Ninja and Tank punch damage increased from 10 to 25
Aristocrats now recieve a proportion of any Gold stored at their Bank
Many miscellanious bug fixes
Datastore bug fixes and improved autosave

Thanks for reading the patchnotes! As a reward for your patience, use the code “NEWBUILDINGS20” in game for 5000 free Gold!

I am planning on releasing another update this time next week, this time adding more Zombie types and more role buildings. Stay tuned!