Dwiddle ~ 2D Concept Framework

So for the past few days Ive been working on this concept, and I’m honestly pretty proud of how far Ive gotten in like 2 days, also I cant script physics :clown_face:

I probably wont be continuing this any further but just something I wanted to try out to enhance my understanding of what 2D Game Development might look like!

But anyways this thing supports

  • Basic 2D Raycasting ( I made my own module for this :blush: )

  • Player Control

  • Collision Detection ( for the player )

  • Blinking? :tongue:


Edge Detection:


COOL!!! WOW! I wish I can make like that :slight_smile:

But yeah, Thank you for reading this. have a nice day! :happy3:

Thanks for the positive review man, every second of making this was a living heaven :wink:


Omg, this is really cool! Great job.

Thanks mannnnnn :tongue: :tongue:

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So is this going to be some type of minigame?

That looks awesome! I love it!

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No its nothing like a minigame its just a small project i wanted to work on

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Is dwiddle a multi game project or 2d sometimes like fnaf because I saw your 3d version.

Like I said Dwiddle 1 or Dwiddle is gonna be 3D well obviously, but the joke about this was that Dwiddle 2D like Dwiddle 2 would be 2D but its just a concept, Im not even at that scripting level to make a full game in 2D yet alone am i finished with Dwiddle 1 :joy: :joy: :joy:

Cant wait, once this game comes out I would want to be a tester or moderator once applications open.

Wait what…
YOU ARE?!??!
I demand the ability to play it.

bRUH. i never said i finished DWIDDLE 1

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Alright ill keep an eye out for your name



I still demand to be able to play it when you are done. :shushing_face: Any jobs I can do I am happy to complete.

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Alright wither sounds good to me:)

Where is the link!?!?!? Also is the 2D animation in roblox?

Nope this is not 2D animation this is fully scripted 2D Framework/ Engine I guess you could call it

Wow very cool, did you release Dwiddle?

bruh Dwiddle is not even close to being done yettt

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