DX Antivirus - Clean your Roblox game

Please use MirrorEgg instead of DX Antivirus.

What if this whole virus detection thing is a virus?
Is there any form of evidence that players should trust this?
I’d also like to point out spelling mistake:
“And best of all, the scan takes under 1 secound and does not lag”

Just inquires to keep Roblox Community safe.


Inside of the source code you can see that this plugin is not malicious.

This plugin is not open-source, but you can easily get the source.

Its… open source??
That’s proof enough. If you really are skeptical about this plugin go search through the source.
I doubt @OP would infect a open source plugin, all it takes is two seconds for someone to call him out.

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Can I ask why you’re not the author of the plugin? It makes it a bit difficult to provide feedback about the plugin if you’re not the creator and can’t edit it.

There’s some really weird indentation and some very strange coding practices going on in there…

But the reason I actually opened it was to see if this was actually a smart plugin that looked for certain behaviours by analysing the source, instead of just comparing exact strings to a handful of samples. Unfortunately it’s the latter which means the user has to update the plugin every time you find a new virus that you didn’t know about before :confused:

Additionally, this plugin destroys the viruses rather than just disabling them or quarantining them in some way - this means false positives are really hard for beginners to discover and undo until potentially several versions later depending on the script - ideally you’d disable the bad scripts and present the user with all the scripts that got removed.

Ultimately this doesn’t really do anything more than many other antiviruses in the past, so hopefully you implement some of those features (or rather @TNT6161671 implements those features).

Remember not to post on the devforum by proxy and to present your own work. Always read the pinned post of a category before posting Edit: according to OP, TNT6161671 is an alt account.


This is an alt-account for the DevForum.
My main account is TNT6161671.

Aslo the plugin supports ChangeHistoryService, which means you can undo.

Okay, no worries - probably worth stating it in the original post to prevent any future confusion for anyone else who checks.

Hopefully you can look into some of the feedback and possibly make the code a bit more readable with consistent indentation for anyone wanting to check the authenticity and security of the plugin.

It’s worth making undo very clear to the player, as again it’s beginners who will struggle most with not realising it can be undone - they also might want to save 1 script and let your plugin get rid of 100 viruses so again, a quarantine and some options is never a bad thing, given that this plugin is intended to help the user.


you know, it’s hard for me to trust someone with that if their account is not even 3 weeks old…


The code is opensource. If you don’t trust it, just do this:

game:GetObjects("rbxassetid://5387801925")[1].Parent = workspace

Then you can read the source.

What does this antivirus do that the other 20+ antiviruses don’t? What new does this bring to the table?

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The only thing that this plugin does is detecting Welds and Motors6D and say that they are suspicious objects

Did you even test it? This plugin detects more than just Motor6Ds and welds.

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Yes, everytime that window pops up, and when i do a scan it remains 2/3 looped

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Update to the latest version (1.6.5) it will probably fix most of the issues.

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@iShouldG0 Ok, but now it still looped in [ Scanning… 2/3 ]

I know about this issue, this simply means that it did not find anything malicious.