MirrorEgg - Free Roblox Studio Antivirus


MirrorEgg - Studio Antivirus

MirrorEgg is a free Studio antivirus detecting malicious scripts in your Roblox game. Its super fast, scans your whole game in 2 seconds on average.



  • Fast scanning
  • Fast and user friendly gui
  • False positives are extremely rare
  • 100% virus free
  • New updates often
  • This antivirus does not just delete viruses, it gives you the decision to remove it.
  • Works with Team Create
  • Remove all viruses in one click
  • Checks both source and name

Can you trust this plugin?

Its open source, you can check out the source here:
game:GetService("InsertService"):LoadAsset(6580598028).Parent = workspace

If you get an error, you must first install the plugin.

Update Log

13: QOL updates and better virus detection
12: Bug fixes and better virus detection
11: Bug fixes, better virus detection, less false positives and the plugin checks if its on the lastest version.
10: Added a Remove All button (requested by @LiteSync)
9: Better virus detection
8: New GUI and better virus detection
7: Bug fixes and better virus detection
6: Bug fixes and better virus detection
5: Bug fixes and a settings screen
4: Added a Setup screen
3: Added an Open Script button, bug fixes and better virus detection
2: Less false positives

Todo list

Nothing here…


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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

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How exactly are you scanning and detecting scripts that could be a virus?

The plugins scans the source of the scripts, and if the contain keywords like getfenv, it detects it as a virus.

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There’s a problem with this. Some scripts legitimately use getfenv for non virus purposes, and your script appears to detect getfenv. Perhaps detect other things like suspicious bytecode or module IDs.


What does this antivirus have that is different from all the other 10+ antivirus plugins out there?


There is very few scripts that legitmately use getfenv, and its way worse on other plugins that detect require.

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Its listed in the post.

Just about all of these features are present in other antiviruses.


Awesome plugin!
Detects getfenv, and most harder to detect viruses!

Suggestion / Request - It really needs a button to remove all viruses.

I was using this to clear an infection from a plugin in a game for someone, and I had to hit DELETE for each virus and there were almost 700 infections. @ TNT6161671

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Don’t call them “Viruses” call them backdoors there is no thing as a “Virus” in roblox games, malicious code should be called a backdoor and not a virus.


It does not delete models just scripts


It detects require and getfenv. Many false positives.

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If it’s used in an important script that you know you (or whoever you’re working with) wrote, then you can just… ignore it. It does say the name of the scripts.

If not, then you can use the name and roblox search to check it out and see what’s up with it.

Pls deobfuscate the scan script