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Hey Robloxians I have a question. Am trying to design a e to interact icon like this one.

Screenshot 2023-01-09 5.27.02 PM

Do you know if there is an asset or a saved file? Anyway, will take any help I can get.


You could alternatively use a ProximityPrompt. These will automatically generate images for any input type.

Yeah but I don’t really like them.

That’s fair. In that case, I would suggest making a template image of a key that you can then put any key on :grin:

Sure thing! You can always make your custom Gui/UI on Roblox

Step 1: Make your custom interaction UI

Step 2: Make your UI Appear

Add a ProximityPrompt and make the style custom, and when you do it, you can listen to PromptShown function, and when it happens, you get the proximity as the tuple parameter

When you get it, you can clone the GUI to the prompt and make it appear

Step 3: Make it work, you need to learn GUI Animations to make it move and have a bar or circular wheel for activation of it, then you use UserInputService to get the input from the player, when there is an input, start the activation function, and by this, you can achieve it

That’s how you achieve it, hope you understood

Yeah but, I want to make my own custom e to interact. I know how to code but am terrible with UI Design

True but my UI skills are horrendous!

Nvm found it here - Free Keyboard and Controller Icons

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