EasingStyle that animates initial velocity and acceleration

Currently as a Roblox developer is is impossible to simulate initial velocity and static acceleration with tweens. This means that if we want to create a clean animation for this (I don’t know how to refer to this without constantly saying initial velocity and static acceleration lol), we have to manually tween this ourselves (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA lag?)

I know that we can simulate static acceleration with 0 initial velocity using inQuad like this:

local function inQuad(t,f,g)
return (t/f)^2*s 

and velocity is trivial I guess

but theres no way for us to currently combine them

It would be most ideal if a completely different type of tween was made for this that supports independent axis though so idk
you guys say to describe the problem and no solutions so here ya go