Edit Terrain Quality

Being able to edit the quality of terrain would open the possibilities of having extremely large scale smooth terrain maps with much lower CPU, GPU, and Memory usage.

the idea is as simple as changing the voxel size from 4x4x4 to 8x8x8 or 16x16x16.

the use cases would be anything that’d need a very large map, but where terrain quality is secondary. like a flight or ship sim.

of course this would have to be fixed in studio, and read only by scripts.


Not quite sure what the problem is and what are you proposing :thinking:
Also, #feature-requests:client-features

Oh god yes. I only want huge terrain, I don’t mind the detail, I’d even be fine with like 50x50 terrain cell size…

I can see a use case for this where the terrain is only appearing in the background. I often use triangle terrain for that.


It’s … KIND of a good idea in theory.

Given today’s system, LOD will group voxels to larger triangles on their own. If anything, I think being able to get more precise voxels would be nice because 4x4x4 is a grid size I’m not 100% comfortable dealing with.

If anything, increasing voxel size like you mentioned would probably go better if it were instead done by configuring LOD distances, so that way it could remain automatic and we could keep a static grid size for the whole system while still preserving user-settings for level of detail.

well, the problem is that if someone was making a massive map, like 20000x20000 and wanted the whole thing to be smooth terrain, that’d be a lot for roblox to try and handle.

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I recently ran into a roadblock with a game of mine, where I wanted to smooth out a massive piece of terrain. I was going to make a new thread, but unfortunately I do not have permission to do so…

This feature would be helpful as increasing the voxel size would smooth it out. Because of my game design, it’s OK if there are sharp edges.

Either way, this would allow much greater customizability.