Editing Custom Loading Screen & More




I was wondering how to edit a custom loading screen such as changing the font, background colour and more. As well as, is there a way to add more Font Options for TextLabels? Thanks in advance!

Surface UI Developer


There’s a great tutorial on the wiki that guides you through the process, I’d highly recommend it.


It shows how to make it but not how to edit them.


As far as I know, there’s currently no way to edit the existing loading screen. If you’re determined, you can recreate the current loading screen.


You can disable the current loading screen and recreate it easyily, there are some create examples of how to center things to the screen or center something in bottom right corner, how to make things spin, exact color of Roblox’s loading screen. There are many resources to actually recreate it and it would take not even 4 total UI elements almost. I’m also certain you can get an exact replica of the offical loading screen that is currently used, i’ll edit this post if I can find a model or create one for you.


Alrighty, Thanks.