[EdLad Productions] Chain of Command

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:safety_vest: Chain of Command

:pushpin: In this document you will learn about EdLad’s chain of command.

:bulb: When it comes to the chain of command, each rank has a purpose. It is very important to fulfil your responsibilities if you want to move up the ladder.

:open_book: Below, we have written down all the ranks next to which we will explain what their purpose is and what they are about in general.

:man_student:t3: Trial Moderator

:pushpin: Inferring from the name itself, it is the Process Moderator who awaits training and supervision from our management. As a trial moderator, you need to learn the most important tips before you start training. And we are referring to guides such as;

:hammer: Trainings will be announced in the channel designated for them, however, you will also be contacted by the host via private message. The training aims to show how much knowledge you already have, but it also teaches you necessary things that you probably were not aware of.

:eyes: If you have successfully passed the training you move on to the next and final step of recruitment before you become a moderator and this is supervision from one of the management. When you start your duty, the manager can start supervising you himself or you can ask him to supervise you.


:ledger: Being a moderator is about stopping rule-breakers but also helping other players with their problems. You must remember to check regularly if someone has called for a moderator using a command however you must also look at the Radio or watch out for Pings on discord as some people use these methods to call for a moderator.

:hammer: Moderation Team

:pushpin: If you have passed the training and completed the supervision then you have become a moderator, Congratulations! As you probably learned in training your job is to keep the server clean. Being a moderator also means you can use the :h and :m commands. More on what you should know can be found below;

The moderation team consists of;

  • Junior Moderator
    Complete freshman in the team

  • Moderator *
    A moderator who is active and has knowledge of the rules and conduct.
    [12 hours of activity on the server required]

  • Senior Moderator
    A moderator who knows all the information by ]heart and how to handle difficult situations.
    [36 hours of activity on the server required]

:hammer_and_wrench: Administration Team

:pushpin: If you have come this far then I must congratulate you. From now on you have access to Ban commands on ER;LC servers but also on our discord server. Being an administrator brings more responsibilities, so we recommend that you take a look at these guides;


The administration team consists of;

  • Junior Administrator
    A new member of the administration group who knows about how the server works and what it is about.
    [48 hours of activity on the server required]

  • Administrator *
    Administrator who knows what the server is about and has basic discord skills.
    [56 hours of activity on the server required]

  • Senior Administrator
    Administrator who knows what the server is about and has advanced discord skills.
    [62 hours of activity on the server required]

:gear: Management Team

:pushpin: If you have made it to management then we really admire that. It means you have put a lot of work into the server and for that we thank you. From now on you manage the work of the server and control everything that happens here. Becoming a member of management brings a great deal of new responsibilities so we recommend reading these guides;

  • Training Trial Moderators [COMING SOON]
  • Supervising Trial Moderators [COMING SOON]

:warning: KEEP IN MIND
There are planned changes in this guide so all current information may not yet be correct.