Educational One-Time acc

[I take the liberty of changing the first sentence] As a teacher, it is currently too difficult to use Roblox so every student can use it in class.

It is a huge effort to create ~28 Roblox accounts, write down passwords - find usernames - go through the settings etc. Then when the children are in the account, I have to make sure that they don’t do anything stupid but what I want them to do etc. IT’S HORRIBLE! That’s why I don’t plan to use Roblox for everyone else except on the blackboard. Also stupid is that because each student might have 3 accounts [home, school, other class etc] the username problem gets bigger - there are not enough usernames at some point.

Suggested solution:
Create a 1 time acc service. Users can use this to create an acc with name (and age).
You can only join educational experiences that allow this!
When you log out, the account is deleted - the name is free again.
The account can be used for a maximum of 6 hours.
An “IP” address is created [once] which is always created for the computer - no matter when you create it - so that an experience can ban you based on it.
Each experience can see the creation date of the account
There is nothing you can do except join this limited selection of experiences
[No friends, ugc, robux etc…]
You can only change your avatar for the first 5min
You can enter a code when you create your account that your teacher can give you - the code the teacher has from his/her account. The teacher can then monitor all acc. that have entered his code.
A maximum of 6 1time acc. creations on a single computer per day.

[If you have any questions about why I think some of these are important, just ask]

1time acc API:

When was the ACC created.
This number I mentioned above
Activate 1.accs [Only educational expirience that fulfill the requirements]
Disable 1.accs
GetLinkedAcc [If they are linked to a real acc]
Get1timeaccs [From a real accs. get all active 1.time accs registered for this]


I hope that’s ok. Feel free to leave feedback and ask me if you have any questions about my idea.

I think this suggestion would help Roblox a lot with his vision of Roblox being used in the classroom - as it would make it much easier for teachers and they would be much more likely to do it. At the same time, it would also prevent it from getting out of hand like it does with Guest due to the many restrictions.
=> Perfect for teaching but stupid for people with stupid intentions.

Or that you can register as a school and then have a large administration center or something like that.

With this API that I suggested, you can protect your experience wonderfully and use the API very cleverly for many things!

Exactly, thank you for reading the 5nd feature request in the Educational area.


Really reminds me of the Roblox guest days, where players could play without creating any account under a randomized guest name. I do think they should add this feature back, especially with your rendition of it being able to choose a username for this one-time account. Researching a bit back reveals that Roblox guests were removed in order to increase the overall player base count. Sadly after becoming a public company, Roblox aims to push to increase that count by any means necessary to please their investors. Overall, I really like this idea, thanks for sharing!


Only issue I’m finding with this is exploiters, they aren’t that large of an issue now as they were before byfron but giving them back this system would allow them to mess with games with no punishment, that’s why guest were removed I believe cause you can easily ruin games over and over and suffer no consequences for their actions.

now with byfron and a whole bunch of new measures, i wouldn’t be surprised if they are already working on re-implementing this system, they just dont want to say anything incase they decide not to.

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Restrict it to schools, problem solved prevented. As long as this is done, this will ^probably never suffer from the same problem as Guests.

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As long as there isn’t anyone who doubles as a teacher and an exploit service dealer. There have been stranger job combinations

Sounds alright, although instead of limiting it to certain games which allow it (definitely an option on top of this suggestion) I think a more efficient way would be having a “student” and “teacher” arrangement, where students can only join a teacher in a private game/server - Avoids random users coming in from out of the school/out of the classroom, avoids potential abuse from exploits as it’d be basically a whitelist of known people, and keeps all the benefits of “guest” type accounts


Yea, I also thought about it for a long time and came to the conclusion that these restrictions make it more difficult for exploiter, but do not hinder the lessons.

Yea, with this:

Roblox could do this

The schools should then need to verify themself somehow.

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I think Roblox should allow integrations with other services like SSO and LMS. I like the idea of student accounts that can only visit verified educational games, but I think single-use accounts is a little unnecessary. One of the biggest parts of Roblox is how your account retains its information, and instead educators should be able to create a classroom like with other educational platforms. I understand the concerns of batch-creating accounts, which is why it should only be with verified educators (possibly a Google Workspace integration?).

While the usernames could potentially be released back, the user IDs would still need to be unique for things like datastores to not cross over.

I think a more feasible solution would involve having 28 permanent accounts with custom settings and restrictions.

Perhaps with something where the accounts could be controlled in bulk by an administrator (ex: sending place invites, allow-listing/deny-listing games, turning on and off features like avatar editing, resetting the accounts’ avatars, etc).

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And created

this is a much needed feature.