[EKHO] Basic Guidelines for In-Game and Discord Usage

Most (If not all) Discord standards will apply in-game as well.

In-Game Rules

[Visitor Rules]

1. No trespassing of any sort! You may enter the base, but note that you will be killed on sight if caught.

2: You may disrespect personnel all you want, but being an excessive nuisance may get you killed and/or placed on the raiders team.

3:Shooting at personnel is forbidden! Officers have permission to team you to raiders or kick you from the game if this rule is broken.

Discord Rules

1. Don't be toxic. We don't want that here.

2: Swearing is allowed, but excessive swearing and/or directing it at someone in an offensive way is not allowed!

3: Excessive disrespect is counted as toxicity and will end up in a kick/ban from the discord. Voice your opinion with the Directorate if necessary.

4: Trolling is not allowed and will result in an instant ban.

5: Using channels for incorrect purposes will result in a warn, then a mute.

6: Mass Pinging without permission will result in an instant ban.


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