Ellzd | 3D Artist

Totally amazing, What else can I say about art.

Oh wowee, I’ve gotten a lot of commission requests I haven’t gotten back to. Right now I’m currently not open. :frowning:

sent friend request on discord! zxrze#9689

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Hey whats your email? I am interested in hiring you for a very profitable commission

Hey Emily! Can you add me on discord? (SnowNix#1234)

Is there a price range for ur commissions?

e.g. a sword like a claymore or if I told u to make a smooth horse model or a leather armor set
I’d like you to make the leather armor set for me XD.

claymore :

horse(riggable would be epic) :

armor set, without the accessories and boots, add a leather cap as well :

Hit me up on discord : St_vn#3931

Hi! Can you add me in Discord? PalisadeWall#1855

We’re currently looking to have 30 - 40+ guns made. Currently already running a fairly popular game, looking to start a new project.

You will be paid well :smile: