Ellzd | 3D Artist

Hello! My alias on Roblox is Ellzd. I am a freelance 3D Artist/Modeler and UGC hat creator. You may recognize me from my Twitter, where a lot of my work is posted. I create low-poly assets that are specifically fine-tuned for high performance and work great with Roblox. I’m very open to communication and take pride in my work!

I am part of the UGC program and have made hats including:

Ellzd UGC Hats

Catalog - Roblox

I’ve worked for a few big names including:

@BuildIntoGames for the games BIG Paintball, Giant Survival Remastered, My Restaurant, and more games to come in the future.

@vCaffy for his game Dungeon Quest as an armor and creature modeler!

Along with commissioned assets for:

@jandel, @StoryBased, @JamienChee, @DevLuka, @nic10telf, and many more wonderful people.

Most of my work is already showcased on my Twitter! Here’s some other stuff :smiley:

Portfolio in a nutshell

UGC Items

Shattered Set

Cartoony Rainbow Outline Set

Trendy Hat Variations

Trendy Hat 2|500x500

Some personal projects of mine to expand my knowledge within Substance Painter

Some weapons for some future project with BIG Games! For a 360 view, please head over to my Twitter

Reindeer Ears with a red bun! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Rose’s sword from Steven Universe, showcasing some cool new hand painted textures. :smiley:

Steampunk Wings, showcasing the use of materials in Substance.

Guns I made for Giant Survival! Remastered. I’ve made these twice, with and without textures. So here are the newer ones!

See more weapons from Giant Survival here

Guns and Killstreak items I made for BIG Paintball!

See more guns I've made for BIG Paintball here

Armors and Creatures I’ve made for Dungeon Quest!

Cosmetic Armors:

Steam Sewers Update:

Ghastly Harbor Update:

This one ended up not being able to be sold to DQ due to ToS:

The Canals Update:


Restaurant buildings for My Restaurant!

A circus map for a story game I wanted to create in May 2019, but never got finished. This map was built by me and @BloodSpring

More images in this post: https://twitter.com/Ellzd_/status/1194073762498564099?s=20

Ingame images:

Some renders of the map:

Personal project for my twitter!

I’m available almost 24/7 depending on my projects and other random variables. Best way to know if your project works with my schedule is to reach out :slight_smile:

I’d be happy to negotiate in direct messages to get a price that would be fair for both of us depending on your project and needs!

I prefer to be contacted via business email; Emily@Ellzd.Dev

Want to use my UGC accessories for your games?

You can use them for whatever you want, it would be appreciated if I am credited in some way for my work but if you are ultimately unable to find a spot for it you don’t have to. If you were to include a way to purchase my items from your game that would be appreciated.


Amazing work! Totally worth of hiring.
I’m just impressed.


Hey Ellz-D!

I’m so proud of everything you’ve created! Everything in here is magnificent in its own right, you’re such a joy to work with, your positive attitude shines when you work in teams and it really manifests in your work. I’m really glad I have the privilege of calling you one of my friends, this is amazing and I know you’ll continue to do more challenging and grander projects. Cheers to you, the developer who is willing to put in that effort to grow and improve everyday.

Warm regards, BloodSpring


I consider Ellzd a pretty awesome modeller.

A lot of people can model but very few have an artistic eye for it. Ellzd has that artistic eye.
If you’re looking for a modeller you’d be a fool not to pick her.


These look amazing! I really like the nintendo switch and roblox concept. Goodluck finding work!

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Honestly, Ellzd is one of the best 3D modellers you can find on Roblox. There is a wide pool of them, but for her style she is one of the best. Gets the work done, understands what you want, can pretty much model anything, and has great prices.

I would recommended to work with Ellzd.

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Extremely Impressive overall, you seem to be quite talented in 3D modelling for sure.

I love the armour you created it’s very unique and pays a lot of attention to detail which I love, good job!

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Impressive work, I’ve contacted you on Discord!

just sent my friends request on discord. marcus

Do you take percentages, as I would love you to help contribute to my Studio by making some assets for our game which we are starting to work on!

We may be able to provide a small payment on top of each group of assets?
Reply to this if you’re interested.

Great, responsive, and reliable. . .

Ellzd > Free Robux

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I sent you a friend request on discord TheTimeDefender#1089! Love your work!

I love the armor so so so much and all of your adventure time work!! Keep up the amazing work!!

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Your work looks awesome!
I sent you a friend request (sc#7508)

Messaged on Twitter! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hands down best 3d artist on roblox atm. Style works perfectly with Roblox’s lighting and doesn’t impact performance at all. Double thumbs up :+1::+1:


Bumping this since I’ve just updated this with a lot of my new work,

Hey I am interested in your work. I’ll add you on discord: Venturia123#1029

i need a few basketball things made i will pay you full in robux i have dmed you via discord at Fimlinz#4004

That makes no sense whatsoever. Why would he/she (not sure) do that? That would just be making them lose money.