Emote Dances Credits

Emote Dances is maintained and developed by a dedicated Development Team.

The continuation of Emote Dances’ development is currently being led by HeresIarryB and pxych.


Creators: Falosaur (Animations) & LeetLego (Building)
Animation References: Epic Games
Programmers: cl_Ii (MRePotatoes), izaned, pxych
Builders: HeresIarryB, YourPalPolly, SergeantRoberto
Animators: painteduser, IITrooperLawII, ZerkomisticDynamic

Community Emotes Team: Shapic2, EPIC109791

Contributors: JplayHD (Animations), WipFang (Building), crazytrain612 (Building), AltiWyre (Boombox Model), oatIeaf (Animations + Rave Music), djguy3000 (Game Art), FredbearFazey (Merchandise)