Emote Dances In-Game Rules & Information

Welcome to Emote Dances!

Myself and the Development Team thank you for your continued support towards the game.

This post contains a list of the rules we have that our Moderation Team will actively enforce.

Below each rule will be details on how we enforce these rules in terms of punishments.

There will be a shortened list and a lengthened list.

Below are also a list of potential punishments that you may receive in-game.

Potential Punishments
  • Verbal Warning
  • Mute
  • Server Kick
  • Server Ban
  • Game-wide / Permanent Ban

Shortened List

  • Do not exploit. This is a violation of ROBLOX’s TOS. This heeds a permanent ban instantly.
  • Do not spam or flood the chat. You will be muted on sight and if you leave, you will be server banned. If you continue, you will be permanently banned.
  • Don’t try to advertise your YouTube channel. Emote Dances is a lone entity - we are not affiliated with anyone in terms of our ROBLOX game.
  • Do not harass or disrupt other members and their gameplay. You will be verbally warned, then kicked if you cause further trouble. From there, bans will be put in place.
  • Do not glitch or attempt to bug parts of the map or any of our systems. If we find you constantly doing this, we will ban you, potentially permanently.
  • Do not evade punishments. Evading mutes will cause you to be server banned, then permanently banned. Evading bans will get your alt(s) and your main account banned.
  • Use common sense and take into account common morals before doing whatever you want to do.

Lengthened / Detailed List

Exploiting / Malicious Game Manipulation

Utilising exploitation programs within ROBLOX is a violation of ROBLOX’s Terms of Service. This is an instant ban, no matter what.

If you are found to be exploiting, you will be permanently banned from Emote Dances instantly.

Appeals for bans based on this rule require you to communicate with us over our community server, which you can find on our ROBLOX Group.

Toxic Behaviour / Harassment

Emote Dances does not tolerate harassment towards other users.

Do not disrupt a user’s gameplay or cause unrest in the server by any means.
You will be verbally warned, kicked and then server banned.
Further violations constitute a game-wide ban.

Permanent bans regarding this rules are final and can not be appealed.

Chat Misuse

Misusing the chat is not allowed by any means. Bypassing intended functions such as chat filters is a violation of ROBLOX’s Terms of Service.

Any of the following constitute a mute, followed by a server ban (if you choose to evade or continue), then a permanent ban:

  • Bypassing the Chat Filter
  • Sending large amounts of messages to chat in a short amount of time (spamming)
  • Sending overly large messages with intent to flood or overflow the chat
  • Sending messages that repeat the same phrase over and over again
  • Using chat to advertise / promote any service, platform or community

Bans regarding this rule are final and can not be appealed.


Overly glitching out of the map or glitching our systems is not allowed.

We will verbally warn users then kick them if we see them constantly glitching out of the map.
You will be permanently banned if we see you constantly glitching without recoil to any warnings given to you.

As bans regarding this rule require high severity in situations and are fairly final, they may not be appealed.

Inappropriate Activity

Misuse of emotes in-game to mimic activity not appropriate for ROBLOX is strictly disallowed.

Users seen doing this will be immediately kicked, followed by a server ban.
Further violations constitute a game-wide, permanent ban.

Appeals for bans based on this rule require you to communicate with us over our community server, which you can find on our ROBLOX Group.

Asset Stealing

Asset Stealing is against ROBLOX’s Terms of Service. If you are found to be taking assets from our game, you will be permanently banned, as will any associates to your places that contain these assets.

If you are aware of any games that participate in this activity, you should report them to ROBLOX Developer Relations!

Reminder of Content Ownership

All of our scripts and assets are proprietary and exclusive to Emote Dances. Only a very small amount of popular games have some of our animations.

Punishment Evasion

Punishments are final once issued. You, under no circumstance, are allowed to evade punishments.

Mute Evasion

Mutes are not permanent, but you should not evade them by rejoining or leaving instantly.

Moderators may leave after some time due to personal circumstances.
If you are not unmuted and no Moderators are present, you may leave.

Under all other circumstances, you must remain in-game until a Moderator unmutes you.

If you leave or evade a mute, you will be server banned and then permanently banned if you continue.

Ban Evasion

Evading bans is strictly prohibited.

If you are found to be evading an in-game ban, both the originally banned account and any alt(s) will be permanently banned, regardless of the original ban’s reason / type.

Staff Evasion

If any Moderators want to communicate with you, you must not evade them.

You will be server banned if you are constantly evading staff confrontation.
Further violations constitute a game-wide, permanent ban.

Bans regarding this rule and it’s sub-rules are final and can not be appealed.

Moderator's Discretion

In-Game Staff uphold the right to ban disruptive users, even if they are not in violation of any rules we list here.

If you are disrupting the flow of gameplay or causing problems for players and/or staff, we may take administrative actions to prevent you from acting further, even if your conduct does not fall into violation of any of our specified rules.
We will always do whatever we can to make Emote Dances a safe and enjoyable environment for all players.

While playing Emote Dances, you must follow these rules!
These rules are subject to change at any time.

Once again, thank you for playing and thank you for helping us to maintain Emote Dances as an environment for players to chat and have fun within!
Happy Dancing!